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Battle Robot T Rex Age

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Game Description:

Battle Robot T Rex Age

Playing Battle Robot T Rex Age for free at - a website about dinosaur games online. In the game, an evil villain wants to destroy your city. Your task in here is to must build a mighty T-rex robot to stop him! But first, you must assemble your robot. This involves matching the pieces together like a jigsaw. Once you have created your robot, you must train it! During training, you can get to grips with the battle mechanics.

T-rex robot battle is will start. During each battle, you can use four different attack categories. Each attack is effective against certain things, and weak against others - listen to the hints from your assistant and try to anticipate your enemy’s moves. As you progress you can unlock new weapons and upgrades.

Battle Robot T-Rex Age is a brilliant game and the gameplay is highly addictive. If you like this game then try it right now!

The Attack mechanics in Battle Robot T Rex Age

Kick/Bite: Effective against flame and missile attacks, ineffective against counter and special attack.
Counter: Effective against kick and bite, ineffective against flame, missile, and special attack.
Missile/flame: Effective against the counter, ineffective against the kick, bite, and special attack.
Special attack: Effective against all.

How to play:

Drag left click to assemble the robot's pieces and use left click to choose an attack.

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