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Chrome Dino Run

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Game Description:

Chrome Dino Run

Play online Chrome Dino Run at - website for all dinosaur games online. You can play it in your browser or mobile for free as well. Chrome Dino Run - a game comes for the people who love old-school styled graphics, with a dinosaur in an infinite desert. The goal is to avoid crashing into cacti to get points. For each time you jump onto a cactus, a bird you get points. Claim that you are the best at this game and show your skills to your friends by doing the highest score!

The game gets gradually harder as the speed increases and the high score counter in the top right-hand corner enables you to track your results. It may not be as good as having your internet back up and running but it is at least an alternative to just gazing at a screen that is doing nothing!

Press up or space to start the game. Use the same keys to jump while playing. While jumping, you can press the down arrow key to fall faster. This'll be helpful when the game gets very fast. While on the ground, you can use the same key to crouch. Avoid the cacti and the birds! When you get hit, you can restart the game by clicking the game area.

The Google Chrome dinosaur game is a fun way to kill some time and lower your blood pressure when the internet is acting up. It’s a great little game that’s built-in to Chrome and if you’re bored, you can play it on desktop or mobile using the dino URL, check it out now. We hope that you will like to play this game.

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How to play:

This game is very simple, very easy, and very mindless.

Use SPACE bar to jump,

Avoid Cactus and other things.

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