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Dino Robot Dino Corps

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Game Description:

Play Dino Robot Dino Corps: 10 dino robot game in one game.
Assemble the parts are scattered: Tyrrano Red, Tricera Blue, Ptera Green, Stego Gold, Smilodon Black, Lightning Pariseau, Knight Ankylo and were not in the existing Deep Plesio and Tyrrano Heavy Shooter!
Try assembling a large and powerful robot dinosaur. After the assembly, You can use a variety of techniques. if you review and comment new dino robot, we will make it soon.
In Dino Robot: Dino Corps, you can choose from many dynamic designs, including Tyrrano Red, Tricera Blue, and Ptera Green. Build each creature individually, and put them together for unbelievably mighty results! Let's play the game Dino Robot Dino Corps and fun on free.

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.

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