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Dino Robot Mammoth

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Game Description:

Mammoths are powerful forces of nature, they often cause war among animals when they have enough food, so that all rank animals, birds I know. This time you have to work with a mammoth robot, which is higher than any dinosaur races due to particularly large force and power they have. Be aware of any actions they do down, you first need to build your own mammoth, a high power mammoth that will have put him in different poses so you manage to earn increasingly more battles with him. Each battle is dangerous and risky, but if you manage to correctly assemble the mammoth will not experience any weight in everything regarding the activity that go against your opponents. Forest and Jungle is full of wildlife, you will have to fight with all the mastery and show us proof that you made strategic attacks.

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.

Tips and Tricks:

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