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Jurassic Fight Club

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Game Description:

Jurassic Fight Club game

This is Jurassic Fight Club game, you can play it in your browser or mobile for free as well. Jurassic Fight Club is the game of dinosaurs line and allows you to control one of them as they battle other dinosaurs.
The battle for existence occurred between different species. The most aggressive were predators, they attacked herbivores, who were huge and could fight back.
Playing as one out of six dinosaurs, you use your skills to defeat the other five.

You can choose between six dinosaurs: Majungasaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Utahraptor, and Pachyrhinosaurs.
Enter the prehistoric battle and defend your turf. There's only one rule: survive.
You will fight with another player, of course with the help of your chosen dinosaur will achieve victory, destroying the rivals. The battle will be going on until your enemy is completely exterminated.
Use your keyboard to bite, stab, and tail-whip your way through this free Jurassic Fight Club game.
There is a lot of fun in this game waiting for you, show your friends that you can pass all levels, only your dinosaurs are the strongest and you are the best fighter will survive of the game. Have a fun playing online on your favorite Dinosaur Fighters: Jurassic Fight Club game.

How to play:

Use arrow keys to move: arrow keys your dinosaur,
Press Z key to attack,
For combos see "controls" in the game.

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