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Game Description:

NY Rex Game

Play online NY Rex game at - a website for all dinosaur games online. This is a 2D T-Rex game, in which you control a T-Rex dinosaur, run through New York, munching on people, destroying cars and wrecking the place as a real dinosaur should.

The T-Rex is back, and he's loose in The Big Apple! Chomp on people and cause destruction as you run through the city. Leave no survivors!

A mighty prehistoric beast in on the loose, and that beast is you. Rule modern earth as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, eat everyone and everything that stands in your way.

At New York city, your giant T-Rex dinosaur that can crush cars, destroy helicopters, and chomp on people for points. The goal in here is to eat everything in sight. Swing the T-Rex's head violently to smash objects in its path!

Control your T-Rex dinosaur, destroy everything that comes to your way. People or small cars, or anything else. Thus you try to go through all the levels, so go ahead.

Join this game is very interesting, smash cars and wreak havoc. Use your WASD keys to move the T-Rex, mouse to move the head and bite.

Please enjoy NY Rex game at and have fun!

How to play:

Use W,A,S,D or ARROW Keys to move, jump and crouch,

Use the MOUSE to attack vehicles and eat humans.

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