6 Great Dinosaur Games for Kids In This Summer
    It’s hot outside. This is a perfect time for kids to stay at home to play some dinosaur games online at our Dinosaursgames.net site. Check out it here!

    Summer is coming, this is the time that your children are resting at home after school time. However, playing many days at home will make children become depressed and tired. And you are worried about that? Today we will pick up for you some interesting dinosaur games below, make sure your children will be happy and passionate about playing with excitement during the summer holidays. These games are completely new, safe when children play online and they are all free. Now scroll down to see which games are there?

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    Dino Island Rampage
    Extreme Raptor Racing
    Dinosaurs World Hidden Eggs Part IV
    Dino Transport
    Little Dino Adventure Returns
    Buddy Big Campout Adventure


    Dino Island Rampage

    Dino Island Rampage is developed/publisher by Brvasil
    Release date: March 2019

    In this 3D shooting game, you will be transformed into a real dinosaur hunter. Your mission is to shoot all the dinosaurs you see on the island. You will be provided with modern machine guns, however, be very careful, because they can be removed at any time. Shoot each dinosaur your way, that's what really appeals in this game. Besides, you can experience hunting with many different dinosaurs through each level. So do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this game during this summer vacation.
    If you want to learn how to play this game, you can see details here.


    Extreme Raptor Racing


    Extreme Raptor Racing is developed by Studdgames.com
    Release date: Jun 2019

    Extreme Raptor Racing is a dinosaur race game between exciting dinosaurs. Before entering the race, you will be able to choose your favorite dinosaur and then join the race with other dinosaurs. Instead of riding horses like in some racing games you've ever played. Here, you're riding the dinosaur to fight other dinosaur racers and race to the finish line on your dinosaur's back. Try to avoid all the obstacles on the way by controlling your dinosaurs to jump over them. Besides, don't forget to gather strength to speed up your dinosaurs and slow down other dinosaur racers.
    Play this game to get the first place among the riders competing with you. The game has beautiful 3D images, addictive gameplay, surely this game will bring you an exciting experience.


    Dinosaurs World Hidden Eggs Part IV


    Dinosaurs World Hidden Eggs Part IV is developed by S7games
    Release date: Jully 2019

    The next game you should play this summer is Dinosaurs World Hidden Eggs Part IV. This is a puzzle dinosaur game, and also the latest in the previous series of Dinosaurs World Hidden Eggs games. In the game, you will be tasked to find the hidden dinosaur eggs. You have 5 levels with the limited time that you need to find them quickly. You need to search with a magnifying glass, it will make it easy to find. You will use the mouse to play this game. For each incorrect egg click, the money earned from finding your hidden eggs will be deducted. So you need to focus and make sure you find all the dinosaur eggs.
    Dinosaurs World Hidden Eggs Part IV is a game designed specifically for children of all ages. The game is not only entertaining, but also helps children practice their ability to be quick, quick-eyed, and able to solve problems. Enjoy it now!


    Dino Transport


    Dino Transport is made by FreezeNova
    Release date: July 2019

    Play an exciting online simulator dinosaur game where you will play as a driver transporting dinosaurs to the zoo. The game has 3 modes including Practice, Time Challenge, and Survival Mode that allows you to choose your transport. You will have to go through the area under the direction of the yellow arrow to get to the park in the right position. The game has a time limit, so you need to drive quickly to transport dinosaurs.
    Notice that if a dinosaur escapes from its cage and you will have to catch it. Catch him and take him to the destination, trying to complete his mission.
    Play Dino Transport you will enjoy 3D graphics with the rapport like real. Along with challenging gameplay, hope this is the game that you will add to your collection of dinosaur games this summer!


    Little Dino Adventure Returns


    Little Dino Adventure Returns is made by Yiv.com
    Release date: August 2019

    Little Dino Adventure Returns is an exciting adventure game in which you will play as a cute little dinosaur and also the main character in the game. Your mission is to run and jump across different platforms to collect eggs to earn points while avoiding all obstacles along the way. The game has 6 levels, with each level you need to complete your mission by collecting small eggs, 3 golden eggs to reach 3 stars, 3 red hearts, and 15 blue weapons.
    Jump on dinosaurs to earn points and destroy them. Besides, try to jump into the yellow dinosaur block to collect eggs and earn more score.
    Little Dino Adventure Returns can be said to be a fun game, with beautiful 2D graphics, and gameplay with lots of exciting challenges. Hope this game will bring you exciting experiences in your hot, boring summer days. Enjoy!


    Buddy Big Campout Adventure


    Buddy Big Campout Adventure is developed by Primalscreen
    Release date: April 2019

    Buddy Big Campout Adventure is a great adventure game where you control a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur - (a character named Buddy) to run and collect all the objects on the road, such as the track. wood, leaves, insects, vegetables, stones, sticks, wildflowers, ferns ... for a perfect campfire with its family members.
    In the game, the dinosaur will run automatically, you just need to use the mouse to control it to jump over the obstacles on the road. Be sure to avoid all obstacles along the way, because if he bumps into them too many times he may not complete the task.
    This is an interesting game that we need to add to this list for you. We hope that you will have all the great adventures with your friends. Enjoy it!

    These are the 6 latest and best dinosaur games for kids to play in the summer. Hopefully, through this article, you will choose a favorite dinosaur game to play with your friends. Wish you have a happy and rewarding summer. Thank you for visiting!

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