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    Coloring pages of dinosaurs are among most popular ones among kids. We have a selection of black and white pictures, all free, ready to print and wainting for some color.

    Come into the Dinosaurs era and have fun coloring and discovering the species of dinosaurs that once lived in the Earth planet. Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pterodactyls, Diplodocus, Velociraptors and Triceratops is one of the best dinosaur popular for kids. These dinosaurs are ready for your kids to color and to learn a little bit more about the most fascinating prehistoric animals of our history.

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    Triceratops meaning "three-horned face" was a was a large, quadrupedal, plant-eating dinosaur with three horns on its large head. Triceratops hatched from eggs and probably lived in herds. It lived during the late Cretaceous period, about 72 to 65 million years ago. Triceratops was hunted by T. rex.

    Triceratops was an herbivore, a plant eater (a primary consumer). It probably ate palms, and other low-lying plants with its tough, toothless beak. Triceratops could chew well with its cheek teeth (like other ceratopsians, but unlike most other dinosaurs).

    Many Triceratops fossils have been found, mostly in western Canada and the western United States. Paleontologist Othniel Marsh named Triceratops from a fossil found near Denver, Colorado, USA, in 1889. At first, this fossil was mistakenly identified as an extinct species of buffalo. The first Triceratops skull was found in 1888 by John Bell Hatcher. About 50 Triceratops skulls and some partial skeletons have been found.

    Print out and color this Triceratops dinosaur coloring page from Dinosaur Coloring Pages. It will be a nice present for your Mom or Dad. If you like challenging coloring pages, try this Triceratops coloring page. We have lots of nice printables in dinosaur coloring pages to make you happy. Or you can color online where you can color the pictures in using your computer. After you have completed this dinosaur pictures online, you can save, print them out and also new features including magic brush, color chooser, change brush sizes and undo and re doing features.

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