Bring back Ceratosaurus dinosaur alive with the Ceratosaurus Coloring Page
    This article will supply some information about Ceratosaurus Dinosaur for those who like to discover dinosaurs. Now we discover the story of the Ceratosaurus, it is quite interesting. Read on.

    In world of animals, you will find Dinosaurs coloring pages, as well as others. Dinosaurs lived on Earth millions of years ago, but the children and adults around the world are still interested in these mysterious ancient creatures. One of the most popular dinosaurs that boys or girls love is ceratosaurus Dinosaur.

    Scientists really don't know much about what color Dinosaurs were - so encourage your children to be creative and use their imaginations. Could dinosaurs have been pink? Sure, why not?

    Bring back Ceratosaurus alive with this Ceratosaurus Coloring Pages for Kids. For your information, Ceratosaurus is a dinosaur which lived approximately 156 million years ago during the late Jurassic Period. This dinosaur was first discovered in 1884 by Othniel Charles Marsh in Colorado. Ceratosaurus means horned lizard. 

    Ceratosaurus 6 to 8 meters long, and 2.5 to 4 meters high. This dinosaur was carnivorous meat eaters who live in North America, Tanzania and Portugal. The horns grow on his nose. This dinosaur has 4 fingers and walked on two legs. Ceratosaurus had a keen vision for stalking prey from a distance. 

    It also featured some form of armor that ran down its back’ armor composed of bony plates. Combine this with this dinosaur’s unique nose horn and you have quite the stylish dinosaur indeed. An interesting fact about this creature is that many scientists believe that it may have had semi-aquatic habits. Hiding in rivers like modern crocodiles do and pouncing on their prey. Of course, at the moment this is just a theory.

    With information and pictures of Ceratosaurus dinosaur. You can download Ceratosaurus coloring Page for free. Just click the images then click on the print icon as you will have a nice image of Ceratosaurus dinosaur. 

    Free dinosaur coloring pages at to color will provide fun to kids of all ages! Perfect for use at home or in your classroom. Why not print several copies of each coloring sheet - children often want to experiment with different color combinations and styles. Have fun with dinosaur coloring pages for kids!

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