Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Fact
    How much do you know about Ceratosaurus - An important Carnivore of the late Jurassic Period? Let find out in this article!

    Ceratosaurus has been known to science since towards the end of the nineteenth century,‭ ‬and thanks to its head ornamentation,‭ ‬has long been one of the most popular.‭ It lived in the late Jurassic period (about 153-148 million years ago). Around the same time as the Allosaurus and Brachiosaurus dinos. Its name means “horned lizard”.

    Ceratosaurus is an unusual dinosaur. When first looked at, this dinosaur might appear like a typical theropod. It had small forelimbs, razor-sharp teeth and walked on its hind legs.  It is instantly recognizable because it had a short horn on the end of its snout.

    The characteristic features of the Ceratosaurus were its super sharp teeth and the bony crests present on its head. This carnivorous dinosaur had a strong jaw with teeth like blades. Although it could have fed on large dinosaurs, the scientist thinks it may have fed on fish and crocodiles.

    Other noteworthy features of Ceratosaurus are its arms which each ended in four fingers (this is considered a primitive feature), and its powerful almost crocodile-like tail. A fully grown adult Ceratosaurus was perhaps 15 to 20 feet (4.5 to 6 meters) long, and perhaps weighed around a ton. These features have made the Ceratosaurus a favorite amongst artists and filmmakers. Dinosaurs with crests like those of the Ceratosaurus have been depicted in various motion pictures such as Fantasia, Jurassic Park III, etc.

    An interesting fact about this creature is that many scientists believe that it may have had semi-aquatic habits. Because Ceratosaurus had a deep tail and a flexible body. This would make it a good swimmer. Hiding in rivers like modern crocodiles do and pouncing on their prey. Of course, at the moment this is just a theory.

    Ceratosaurus is a very interesting dinosaur to learn about! We hope that you have enjoyed finding out all about types of dinosaurs. And if you want to become an instant dinosaur expert, check out our main dinosaur page at Dinosaur Pictures, which has all the facts and information you need to know. 
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