Christmas Main Theme Dinosaur Games To Play This Christmas Occasion
    In this article, I will present to you all dinosaur games Christmas. These free online dinosaur Christmas games are sure to get rid of some of that holiday stress and replace it with holiday fun. Take a few minutes to try your hand at some of these games. Read more!

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    Why Kids are so in love with dinosaurs? The mystery explained
    Coolest dinosaur themed game for kids on
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    Why Kids are so in love with dinosaurs? The mystery explained


    As you know, Nowadays an average toddler knows more dinosaurs than an experienced paleontologist. Pretty much every kid in the world goes through a “dinosaur phase,” when he or she eats, sleeps, and breathes dinosaurs. We let's to find answers to the question Why kids are so in love with dinosaurs.

    There were several ones:

    The first one is pretty obvious — dinosaurs are cool. Not much to discuss here.

    Kids love dinosaurs because of they extinct. This is an interesting theory. Apparently, even though these creatures are extremely big, harmful and dangerous, the fact they are no longer around make kids feel save. And if you are big, strong and harmless, you are almost like a superhero! That is a proper role model. All these facts make playing and learning much easier. And there is much to learn, which leads us to the third reason.

    Every kid constantly tries to understand everything around him or her in order to understand the world itself. Dinosaur and animals, in general, are creatures of various appearance and behavior, so playing and learning them is a natural start. By playing a kid tries to understand, organize and categorize. How do they look? How do they move? Where do they live? Oh, if only you could find the answers to all these questions! That actually would make playing a great learning experience!


    Coolest dinosaur themed game for kids on


    After answering the question of why children loved dinosaurs, we decided to create this site and collect the best dinosaur games for kids to learn and interesting. Of course, we knew from the beginning that it must be the cutest, most colorful and engaging game on the internet. We speced it with various colors of the dinosaur.  We included the most various prehistoric creatures that we knew. They walk. They swim. They fly...

    This website became a wonderful playground for the youngest imagination: a journey through the prehistoric world, where you gather dinosaur games, dinosaur coloring pages, dinosaur pictures...Kids will use their intelligence, agility, speed, and teamwork to play games such as dinosaur robot games, dinosaur adventure games, dinosaur puzzles games...Our dinosaur games are alway for free. New games are updated regularly. Christmas is just around the corner and there are so many fun things you can do at Christmas time! I thought it would be fun to have some Christmas Theme Dinosaur Games and Color Coloring pages! It is always fun to have something different and fun to learn with. These will add a little fun to your day.


    Enjoy The Christmas With Dinosaur Games


    Christmas Celebrations - There are a variety of ways one can celebrate this wonderful occasion of Christmas. One can think of celebrating this wonderful time alone with their loved ones in front of the crackling fire in the fireplace. Another alternative is to plan a holiday and enjoy this time of the year outdoors. This is the time to spread holiday cheer and there can be several ways of doing precisely that.

    Nothing is as interesting as playing dinosaur online games on the holiday. The diversity of games for girls or boys makes us not be boring. The free dinosaur online games for Christmas below are for kids.

    Free Christmas Dinosaur Games- These days a variety of free Christmas games are available online. These games are available for people of all age groups. Games like online dinosaur coloring pages, dinosaur jigsaw puzzles, and online dinosaur robot games,  etc. Kids can simply download these games and have fun sitting at home and playing a wide variety of games.

    Some of Dinosaur Games online below that you can enjoy on this Christmas occasion!


    Gizmo Christmas Rush

    The first one is a game named 'Gizmo Christmas Rush'. The game is designed with a very cute, pretty dinosaur along with a lot of impressive items for Santa from Santa hat, gift box, or car. All are designed suitably with the purpose of Christmas.

    In this action-packed game, you're Santa dinosaur, you drive a car and you're in a rush to collect many presents because you need to have to get this presents home to your family. So your task is to traverse the obstacles on the way.  In the game, there are many levels that you must overcome. Each level has different obstacles so you must pass it as quickly as possible. Because it's Christmas and you're in a rush! Obstacles, for which you received bonuses. Don't worry, if you will manage to have good control of Gizmo's motorbike you will surely pass all the levels in the game. Use the arrow keys to drive your motor.  Press X for nitro. 

    The gameplay of this real Gizmo Christmas Rush driving game is very easy and fun full. Players of all ages can play and enjoy this Santa dinosaur car game for free. The Santa Claus dinosaur will collect all the gifts. Drive the car like in other driving games. Help Gizmo collects the gifts and everyone in Gizmo's house has a very Merry Christmas in  Gizmo Christmas Rush.


    Angry Gran Run: Christmas Village

    Secondly, 'Angry Gran Run: Christmas Village' is another dinosaur game that will definitely bring a lot of fun to the kids. This is a very exciting and festive, endless runner style game that places you in the running shoes of granny as you run through the Christmas inspired town, collecting coins and dodging dangerous obstacles as you go! Jump over candy canes and slide under Christmas trucks in order to make it through the town. Use the coins that you collect to unlock new outfits and characters to run with. Can you get the highest score or will your run be cut short?
    Enjoy this game while you're getting ready to relax this holiday and tuck into some turkey, she's as energetic as ever. Be ready to run, jump slide when dinosaurs attack during Christmas and collect coins to buy awesome upgrades in this festive endless running extravaganza! Have fun with this game.


    Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas

    Third, Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas is a fun online Christmas game where you must once again make your unicorn last as long as possible by jumping and running, without falling from the screen. Your unicorn moves forward automatically – you must simply control the creatures jumping ability and power dashes. You must time your jump and dashes perfectly and avoid crashing into any objects or falling off of the platforms.

    This is awesome. Play the game and see how long you can progress for through this unearthly land and listen to the awesome music as you dash! You have three attempts to score as many points as possible – once your three tries are over; your score is totaled together! Can you conquer hell and guide your Robot Unicorn through this labyrinth? if you enjoy this third installment, why not try the prequel?

    Jump to catch the presents and earn even more points! Please enjoy!


    Christmas Dinosaur Coloring Pages


    From now kids can play Christmas games and wait for the coming of Christmas. For kids, that will be not too long a wait. Parents also will worry about those kids when they are busy with preparing Christmas because Christmas games can accompany their kids instead of them.

    When parents are busy with preparing for Christmas, who can take care of kids? Who can play with them? Maybe it is the computer, or crayons and drawings! It is Dinosaur Coloring Pages. I think many parents would like to choose this way because when their kids coloring they do not need another person to take care of them. They can take care of themselves very well. They pay all their attention to coloring. Today I will introduce some Christmas Dinosaur Coloring Pages for them in this passage.

    I’m so excited to share some fun free printable Christmas dinosaur coloring pages for kids to color and decorate. It gets very tricky sometimes to keep the children busy during holidays as elders also want some rest and have other stuff to do. 

    Here I will be sharing our very first set of free printable which includes 10 handmade drawings for coloring. As it’s a Festive season, I hope kids will have fun coloring them. Some Christmas dinosaur Coloring pages below that sure kids will love!

    Christmas T Rex Coloring

    This is a picture of a lovely T-rex Coloring Pages. It is a black and white version. If you had some colored papers which you will use for creating printable for your kids as she was getting bored and wanted to do some coloring stuff. When you're finished with your first drawing which was a T-rex Christmas. You were so happy to see that your kid liked it so much. It kept her busy for a while meanwhile you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee along with my soon-to-be-finished-book!

    Christmas Dinosaur Coloring Page

    You can teach young kids about the important colors that identify different holidays. Ask them to color a dinosaur picture using the colors of Christmas and winter. They should go for the red, green and white crayons or markers. If a child chooses other colors, have her/he explain why. While it may be a mistake, the kids may also have found a different color to represent Christmas. Other color combinations include green, yellow and purple for Easter, for example.

    Christmas Dinosaur 2 Coloring Page

    Merry Christmas! A free printable cute Santa dinosaurs Coloring Pages with cute dinosaurs Stegosaurus, Diplodocus and Triceratops with red Santa hats and snowflakes falling from the sky! Print these Christmas dinosaur friends coloring page and color it with all the colors you like. Make a nice colorful cute cartoon Santa dinosaurs Merry Christmas picture for Santa, Grandma, Grandpa, mom or dad!

    Christmas Dinosaur 3 Coloring Page

    And if you don’t want the colored paper background, simply change the settings to black/white before you hit the print button. My daughter wanted them on the colored papers so I made it that way, next time I’m going to use white paper instead of colored ones. It will be more suitable. 

    There are many other dinosaur coloring pages of all your favorite dinosaurs such as  Raptor, Pterodactyl, Allosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Ornithopod, and Pachycephalosaurs! Hope you and your little ones enjoy this coloring fun…

    We know that all kids love colors and coloring, Christmas Dinosaur Coloring Pages is a good and fun way for them to celebrate the Christmas. This is the best way to keep your young children busy. And after completing these black and white sheets, they can be used as decorations. You can place or hang them on the wall, table or anywhere you'd like.

    Come and join our site to enjoy many nice dinosaur pictures that are colorful and catching-eyes dinosaur's pictures. This website has listed all images of all dinosaurs. Play more free Dinosaur Coloring Pages. Print out or color online and then use colored pencils, crayons ... to make nice pictures. 

    Now kids can play Christmas games and wait for the coming of Christmas. For kids, that will be not too long a wait. Parents also will worry about those kids when they are busy with preparing Christmas because Christmas games can accompany their kids instead of them.




    We really hope that we have achieved something good here. After all, helping younglings learn is a wonderful and truly inspiring thing. As always we would love to hear what you and your kids think, so let us know.

    Now you can enjoy all kinds of dinosaurs online on your screen. We have special dinosaur games for children, dinosaurs made robots and a variety of free games where you can get an idea of what a dinosaur of the time could do. Go back several million years and immerse yourself in the world of dinosaurs!

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