Dinosaur Craft For Kids A fun way to learn about dinosaur
    In this collection of dinosaur crafts,  you'll find dinosaur crafts that are educational, inventive to satisfy little ones of every age. Let them get creative with their dinosaur!

    Do your kids loves dinosaur? My son loves dinosaurs. Dinosaurs may be extinct, but that doesn't mean they aren't an awesome source of inspiration for my son. He has been fascinated with dinosaurs for generations. Developing an interest in the fun side of these giant long-ago creatures at a young age can lead children to study more about them as they grow. And dinosaur Craft is perfect for your kids!  Here are some activities dinosaurs craft that you and your kids can make together. It is easy to make and kids can create any type of dinosaur in the same way.

    How to make a dinosaur craft from toilet paper tubes

    Materials and tools: This first one is some simple glue, one or more toilet paper tubes (For each animal you'll need one tube), Colored Paper, Scissors, Watercolor paints, Paintbrush.

    Step 1:

    Start by cutting the toilet paper with scissors to make it about 2cm shorter. The paper roll must have a lower height. 

    Step 2:

    Cut a slit halfway down through the middle on each side.

    Step 3:

    Search the dinosaur pictures and let your kids pick out which ones he wanted to print out. Take a piece of colored paper and draw dinosaur body, then cut a basic dinosaur body.

    Step 4:

    Cut some spikes, a tail, horn or other dinosaur pieces, glue into place on the body.  Let kids get as creative as they want.  Dinosaurs don’t have to look a certain way.

    Step 5:

    Cut two narrow strips out of the green colored paper and fold them, as shown in the photo below.

    Step 6:

    To assemble the dinosaur stick the bottom part of the body into the toilet paper roll slits. (Before you assemble the parts of the animal's body, you can paint the tube with watercolor paints)

    Dinosaur craft has been completed. My son really loves playing with this set of paper toys and acting out exciting scenarios.

    How to Make a Dinosaur Fossil

    Prepare: This is super easy- all you need is glue, craft sticks, toothpicks, a dinosaur shaped head and some construction paper.

    - Print dinosaur fossil images for children. Your child can look at this sample image and assemble into a dinosaur fossil.

    - You can put the glue on paper and then your kids lined his sticks up with the glue. He did a really good job putting his sticks on the glue.

    - After you put the neck, legs, and tail on, add the toothpicks for the smaller bones.

    Final. Your completed dinosaur bones!

    This is really cute craft ideas and activities for kids. Share this with friends of little ones! If your little boys love dinosaurs, have them make a dinosaur craft with this fun summer craft idea.

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