Dinosaur Footprints: The Fun Activity For Kids at Home
    This article will give some ways to make dinosaur footprints with cardboard. Your kids will have a lot of fun, and all of the kids were able to participate!

    There are lots and lots of the ways to make dinosaur footprints floating around the internet, but my son loves creat T.Rex dinosaur footprints by the cardboard. He had a great time this activity.  If your kids are interested in this activity, then continue reading this article!

    This simple activity is a fun way to help your kids practice measuring and see how huge some of the dinosaurs were by making your one T-rex Footprint and comparing it to your family members' feet. Your kids will learn about big the dinosaurs were by making our own T-Rex footprint and comparing it to our own feet.

    Before making the T-Rex dinosaur footprint, you could give for kids some information about the dinosaur from Dinosaur Pictures. For example:

    - Tyrannosaurus means "Tyrant Lizard"
    - T.Rex was one of the biggest meat eaters.
    - They could sprint up to 20 mph
    - Their length war up to 12 meters.

    Some depictions of T-rex dinosaur legs:

    - T-Rex had powerful back legs that it hunt prey.
    - It had tiny arms, each with two fingers.
    - Each bird-like foot had three large toes, all equipped with claws, plus a little dewclaw on a tiny, vestigial fourth toe.

    You need to prepare the materials:

    - Cardboard
    - Glue
    - Scissors
    - Watercolour


    - You can find online for dinosaur footprint images from Dinosaur Coloring Pages
    - You then print out and cut them with scissors. You could just as easily print out the images.
    - Using those as templates to cut the footprints out of thick craft cardboard.
    - You cut the cardboard into shapes: dinosaur footprints.
    - Lets your kids paint with watercolour for these dinosaur footprints.

    After completing these dinosaur feet, let the children compare their feet with T-rex's feet.
    - Begin by letting your child walk on the footprint and compare her foot to the dinosaur.
    - Ask her which is bigger and which is smaller.
    - Count the toes on one of her feet and then count the dinosaur’s toes. 

    This is an interesting activity at home that any kid likes. Dinosaurs are always a kid favorite! This activity dinosaur footprint will be fun for the dinosaur loving child in your home. If you love this activity, join in with your kids right now. Have fun!

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