Dinosaur Hadrosaurus, duck billed dinosaurs
    Today Dinosaurgames.me will supply some information about Hadrosaurus Dinosaur for those who like to discover dinosaurs. Now we discover the story of the Hadrosaurus, it is quite interesting. Read on.

    Animals are one of the beloved themes for children. For girl and boy, they love huge and scary animals like dinosaurs, etc. Dinosaur is one of the most popular animals for kids. These animals are very huge and scary, they were extinct more than 65 million years ago. Hence, the children like to discover about the size of them. In the children's mind, dinosaurs are powerful and strong, they are the champion. As you know, kids are easy to be attracted with extraordinary power.

    There are lots of species of dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus, Allosaurus, Hadrosaurus and more. One of the most popular dinosaurs is Hadrosaurus and children want to learn about them.

    Hadrosaurus lived approximately 70 to 84 million years ago. In 1838 Hadrosaurus's bones was discovered by John Estaugh Hopkin. However, it was not fully studied later, until 20 years later in 1858; William Parker Foulke who is a vacationing scientist noticed the bones. And then, he excavated them. There are many discoveries about the dinosaur and they named it Hadrosaurus that means “bulky lizard.”

    All recreations of this dinosaur have been made using the head of a Gryposaurus. That’s because it is considered the prototypical hadrosaur. Therefore, it is speculated that Hadrosaurus probably behaved in very much the same way as Gryposaurus did. That is probably traveled North America in herds and lived off vegetation such as club mosses and seed ferns.

    They have found one skeleton of this dinosaur. This dinosaur is 32 feet long and weighed around 4 tons. Paleontologists have found dozens of teeth and the rest of the skeleton of them and they said that this species is an herbivore. They eat plants.

    As this specimen lacks a skull thus paleontologists use skulls of related species to reconstructions for this animal. Because of the lack of specimens, there are many controversies that won't be solved, unless the skull or another complete skeleton of this dinosaur is found.

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