Dinosaur pictures and lessons that the children can receive
    Most kids are fascinated by dinosaurs at some point in their lives. These mysterious creatures usually bring up a whole raft of questions from kids, such as “Why are dinosaurs not here any more?”, “What did they sound like?” and “Which was the biggest dinosaur?” In this article you can discover and study dinosaurs using their computer or mobile device.  Ready to dive into the world of dinosaurs? Let’s go!

    Dinosaurs are extinct animals which lived millions of years ago. Known for their fascinating appearances, the size of these prehistoric animals varied from being as small as that of a human palm to as tall as 12 metres high. These creatures have always enthused kids and adults alike because of their striking features and attributes. The immense popularity of dinosaurs has been encashed by many brands by means of toys, story books, apparels, movies, animation, etc. Especially information and Dinosaur Pictures are always topics for children to learn.

    Dinosaurs types are many and varied, from small bird-like creatures to the largest animals ever to walk on Earth. The subject of blockbuster films, history museum exhibits and much more, dinosaurs continue to interest people today after first appearing approximately 230 million years ago. These vertebrate animals dominated the land for more than 160 million years before experiencing a catastrophic extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period 65 million years ago.

    The first dinosaur was recognized in the 19th century and ever since, dinosaurs have been the source of many questions. What contributed to the rapid extinction of the dinosaur? What do the latest fossil findings reveal about the dinosaur and its way of life?and many other questions related to dinosaurs.Do you know Carnivorous dinosaurs? The carnosaurs were a group of saurischian predators that grew large and had enormous hind limbs but tiny fore limbs. T-Rex, perhaps the bes known of all dinosaurs. It was once considered the largest carnivore.

    Herbivorous dinosaurs. The sauropods were a group of large saurischian herbivores that included the world's largest-ever terrestrial animals. This group rumbled along on four enormous, pillarlike, roughly equalsized legs, with a long tail trailing behind. Sauropods also had very long necks, and their heads were relatively small. Their teeth were peglike and were used primarily for grazing rather than for chewing their diet of plant matter. Digestion was probably aided by large stones in an enormous gizzard, in much the same way that modern, seed-eating birds grind their food.

    How is the children connected to these prehistoric creatures? Could dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brontosaurus really be brought back to life with children? 
    Luckily for parents and kids alike, these days there are tons of high-quality apps, websites, videos and other online material that can answer all of these questions, and keep your little ones interested and entertained as they explore this fascinating topic. Visit dinosaurgames's.me website you'll find dinosaur news & features, along with plenty of pictures. Read interesting facts and information about how big dinosaurs were, when they lived. Your favorite dinosaurs and kids will be the Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Diplodocus.

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