Dinosaur War Brings You Back To The Most Fierce Prehistoric Battles
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    A dinosaur game which will show you that dinosaur game is not boring at all! dinosaur game is very interesting and logical. The aim of dinosaur game is to entertainment. An interesting dinosaur game that I would like to introduce to you today, called: Dinosaur War.

    Dinosaurgames.me. the free online game host has Dinosaur War game – sign in to save your badges, points, and progress. You’ll also be eligible for free video games and prizes. It is a multiplayer, mouse only game where you use tactics as the dinosaurs battle each other.

    Over 150 million years ago in a world dominated by Dinosaurs, natural disasters were changing the earth and causing chaos. In the fight to become the top predator, only the most powerful dinosaurs could survive and had to battle the Arkosaurus, the most ferocious dinosaur species in the Jurassic world. As a new addition to the Battle of Giants franchise, Battle of Giants Dinosaurs 3D pushes the thrill to greater heights by immersing the player in an awe-inspiring 3D Jurassic world, where the dinosaurs come to life in the most realistic environments and battle opponents as if in live combat.

    This Dinosaur wars game is actually a demo for the full version made for the Nintendo DS, and if you like this demo there's a link to visit the website to purchase the full version. In this dinosaur wars game, you get to create your own dinosaur, name it the get to battle against another giant dinosaur. We called our Bob. Bobterratops, basically Bob. Bob turned out not to be a good fighter at all

    How to play:

    This Dinosaur wars game is actually a great game. To start play, you can choose a color for your dinosaur. Then add spices, choose a pattern and choose a name for your dinosaur and enter battle now!
    The controls in this game use your left and right arrow keys for movement, your up arrow key to jump, your down arrow key to defending, your K key to attack and your J key to swipe. In addition, you can unlock all dinos when you play battle of the giants on the Nintendo ds.

    After you play this dinosaur wars game, why not check out and play our other free dinosaur games on Dinosaurgames.me

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