Diplodocus Dinosaur Fact
    Wanting to know all about the Diplodocus dinosaur? Find out where they lived, how big they are and what they ate? All will be in this article!

    Diplodocus is probably the most well known among all dinosaurs because many documentaries have been made about it and it has been featured in many cartoons and movies, because Diplodocus' fossils were spread worldwide.

    Diplodocus dinosaur was one of the longest animals to have lived on Earth.

    Diplodocus dinosaur was on this planet more than 150 million years ago, during what is known as the Jurassic Age.

    The name Diplodocus comes from the Greek language and means ‘double beam’- a reference to the strangely shaped bones found in the dinosaur’s tail.

    Diplodocus was around 85 feet long, and probably only weighed around 11 tons. Its body was only about 13 feet long. Its neck was around 26 feet in length, that could not hold it more than 17 feet off the ground.

    Diplodocus also had an extraordinarily long tail-more than 46 feet from base to tip-which played an important role in balancing its body. And the tail also used as weapon to defend their self from predator. A row of soft, triangular spines may have extended along the top of its neck, back, and tail.

    Its head was comparatively tiny, just 2 feet long. It probably Diplodocus wasn't the smartest dinosaur.

    Fossils of Diplodocus are common, and many other specimens have been found, except for the skull which is usually missing, even from otherwise complete skeletons.

    Diplodocus had five-toed feet, similar to that of an elephant’s. It had a thumb claw on one toe on each food. This claw is very useful to defend their self.This giant dinosaur had few predators. Other predators were intimidated by its size. Their main enemies are Allosaurus and Ceratosaurus.

    Diplodocus was a plant eater, it had simple, peg-like teeth for stripping leaves, a long neck, and an especially long whip-like tail.

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