Everything About Dinosaur That You Need To Know
    Dinosaurs are endlessly fascinating. Their ferocity, size and speed, and the fact that they once roamed the earth before mysteriously disappearing, enchant kids and adults alike. 

    Most children have an interest in dinosaurs. One of the fascinating things about dinosaurs for children is learning just how big some of these prehistoric monsters actually were. Children love to read about these gigantic beasts, they enjoy learning about which was the longest, the heaviest and the tallest.

    In this post, you will learn:

    How do we know about dinosaurs? 
    Why did Dinosaurs go extinct? 
    Why did Dinosaurs go extinct?
    What did Dinosaurs eat? 
    Were Dinosaurs all big? 

    Dinosaurs were animals that lived 100 million years ago. Some dinosaurs were more like reptiles while others were more bird-like. Although many creatures are sometimes called dinosaurs, dinosaurs did not fly or live in the ocean. 

    How do we know about dinosaurs? 

    One of the amazing things about paleontology is that, as more fossils are found. Everything that is known about dinosaurs comes from the study of fossils that are found in the ground.  From fossils, scientists are able to recreate whole skeletons of dinosaurs and determine what the dinosaurs were like. Some of these fossils and skeletons can be seen in museums. Fossils of dinosaurs have been discovered on every continent of the world. Fossils from the same type of dinosaur have been found on different continents as well. 

    Why did Dinosaurs go extinct? 

    For many years, scientists believed that the dinosaurs went extinct when a giant meteorite hit the Earth. When the meteorite hit, it sent up dust and dirt into the sky covering up the sun for a really long time. This caused all the plants to die, and soon the dinosaurs died too. 

    What did Dinosaurs eat? 

    Most dinosaurs lived off of plants, many of these plants had edible leaves, including evergreen conifers pine trees, ferns, mosses... But some were carnivores and ate meat. and some hunted other dinosaurs or scavenged dead animals. The carnivores have become famous in the movies like Jurassic Park. The T-Rex and the Velociraptor are two of the scary carnivores. 

    Were Dinosaurs all big? 

    All dinosaurs are very large. Some dinosaurs are thought to have been 40 feet tall or more. This is twice as tall as the tallest giraffe ever. There were also some smaller dinosaurs that were just a foot or so tall. There were a wide variety of dinosaurs from giant lumbering plant eaters that walked on four legs to fast dangerous meat eaters that could run on two legs. 

    Were Dinosaurs all small? 

    Although some dinosaurs were the largest land animals ever to have lived, many were tiny. Among the smallest were species of Compsognathus. Some were the size of a chicken. Most Compsognathus species had long legs and were good runners.

    There is a lot of debate on which dinosaur is smartest, fastest, dumbest, etc. We don't know for sure, but we can take a good guess using the latest information from paleontologists.

    Biggest carnivore - The really big dinosaurs were all herbivores, but the biggest one that ate meat was the Spinosaurus. It weighed around 8 tons. The T-rex was one of the biggest carnivores as well.

    Smartest - We don't really know for sure how smart dinosaurs were, but the best guess is that they weren't very smart. However, the smartest was likely the Troodon. It is thought that the T-Rex was pretty smart for a dinosaur as well.

    Dumbest - The stegosaurus was likely one of the dumbest dinosaurs. It was a giant animal with the brain the size of a ping-pong ball.

    Fastest - The Ornithomimus was likely a very fast dinosaur. It was a lot like an ostrich and probably ran as fast, or faster than an ostrich at speeds of 40-50 miles per hour.

    Below these are some Pictures and Names of the most recognized dinosaurs.

    Tyrannosaurus Rex 


    Check out Tyrannosaurus rex pictures for kids and enjoy a wide range of interesting information about this incredible dinosaur.

    Tyrannosaurus rex is possibly the most well-known dinosaur due to its huge size, ferocious nature and regular appearances in popular media. Thanks to a number of well-preserved fossils, the T-Rex has been studied in detail by paleontologists all around the world. This dinosaur is known to be the king of all predators. It had a massive jaw with huge teeth and powerful legs that can walk long distances. However, its arms were very small. Some scientists believe that t-rex was not a predator. Instead, it was just a large scavenger that fed on dead prey. They argue that t-rex's arms were too small to hold on to prey.
    True predators like raptors have long arms with big talons. T-rex's arms are useless in comparison.


    This was probably my favorite dinosaur when I was a kid. The Triceratops has easily recognized thanks to the three horns found on its face as well as its large body and the unique frill around its head. Find out just how big they were, what they ate, why they needed their horns, what US state lists them as their official dinosaur and more interesting information.

    It is widely believed that the triceratops used its three horns as a defensive weapon.
    But there are also those that believe that the horns were used for courtship rituals similar to deer, goats, and other horned animals. So the horns were just used for display. This is supported by the fact that Torosaurus and Triceratops are actually the same animals. Torosaurus has a bigger thrill with holes and is actually shown to be a triceratops that has fully grown.


    When you think of velociraptor, you may remember the film, Jurassic Park. In the film, the velociraptors stood taller than humans and was a fierce predator. However, in reality, it actually stood around 2 feet tall and weighed only 33 pounds. The velociraptor was also covered in feathers. Only Utahraptor stood taller than a human and was the largest species of raptor. Although it featured some nasty looking claws, the Velociraptor was actually a lot smaller than it was portrayed in the movie Jurassic Park, more the size of a turkey than a human.


    Many people think that t-rex was the biggest predator. But spinosaurus was actually the largest predator to walk this earth. Some scientists believe that the elongated spines were a hump. Others think that it was a sail designed to cool down the body temperature of the animal.


    This dinosaur had a thick skull covered in dull spikes. The thick skull leads to the idea that these dinosaurs engaged in head-butting combat. However, the dinosaur's skull was not designed or shaped to withstand impact. Thus, this theory has been dismissed.

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