Excellent dinosaur fossil activities for children
    This article will give your kids all the dinosaur fossil activity that is an easy, fun way for children to learn about dinosaurs and fossils. Read on!

    As we know, most kids love learning about dinosaurs. This dinosaur fossil activity is an easy and fun way for children to learn about dinosaurs and fossils. And it is perfect for the dinosaur lover in your family.

    Learning About Fossils

    Dinosaurs and fossils go together. When learning about dinosaurs, you have to know about fossils. 
    Before the activity, you need explaining a little about dinosaurs and fossils for your children. This series of activities teach children about fossils and can be completed by a teacher in a school setting or a parent at home. It is geared towards younger students but can be modified to challenge a wide range of learners.

    For example: What are dinosaur fossils? Can you explain to them that
    - A special scientist, called a paleontologist, studies fossils. 
    - Dinosaur fossils are the bones of a dead dinosaur or his big footprints in the sand. 
    - Fossils can be more than dinosaur remains, such as plants or other animals
    The only direct way we have of learning about dinosaurs is by studying fossils


    You need to prepare:
    - Toy dinosaurs or dinosaur fossils card.
    - Bucket
    - sand, salt, flour
    - Toys tools, like a hammer and a shovel
    - Paintbrush

     Making a dinosaur fossil 

    -You pour flour and salt into a large bowl. Mix them. Then stir with water. If the dough seems dry add a little more water. 
    -The next, you mixed it a bit with your hands.
    - You take a small amount, formed them into eggs and press it flat, then you press dinosaurs fossil toys in the dough.
    - You can put in the oven or in the sun
    - Finally, you will have a variety of homemade fossil dinosaur toys. This activity allows kids to make their own 'fossil.' Toy dinosaurs can be used, as well as objects found in nature. This is a great activity for you together with your kids at home!

    Activity Instructions

    Digging for Dinos: This activity allows children to dig for, and find, "fossils".
    - You pour sand or salt into the bucket and hide all the dinosaur toys or dinosaur cards into them.  
    - Add lots of plastic dinosaurs and dinosaur skeletons into it.
    - Have your child find or dig in the sand of all the "dinosaur fossils". 

    This is a great activity to find the fossils dinosaur. There are many interesting dinosaur activities for children. Right now, you can visit our dinosaurgames.me website to have fun with these activities. Thanks for your visiting!


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