Fact about the famous Sauropelta dinosaur
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    Sauropelta is a herbivorous dinosaur can look just as threatening as any flesh-eater, a North American dinosaur with some major-league body armor. It is one of the better-known nodosaurids,‭ ‬armoured dinosaurs that are thought to be ancestral to the later and more heavily armoured ankylosaurids.‭

    Sauropelta lived in the Cretaceous period and inhabited North America, roughly 98 million years ago. Its fossils have been found in places such as Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. The length of the Sauropelta was about 26.00 feet 8.00 meters. Its weight is estimated at 6000.00 pounds 3000.00 kilograms.

    It had armor was in the form of lots of osteoderms that varied greatly in size over different parts of the body. ‬The neck of Sauropelta had long bone spikes projecting up and out; such spikes are not found in ankylosaurids. These spikes would have protected the neck from the bite of its predators, including Acrocanthosaurus, Perhaps, more importantly, they would have made the animal look bigger and more dangerous.

    It is a relatively slow dinosaur, the armour would have been the single best chance that Sauropelta had of surviving attack from predators. ‭One predator from the Cloverly Formation that Sauropelta may have had contact with is Deinonychus.‭ ‬

    It also had an exceptionally long tail,‭ ‬in fact, half of its body length was actually tail.‭ ‬This tail was supported by a network of tendons that kept it off the ground and it could have used its tail to strike at attacking predators.

    Sauropelta had forelegs that were shorter than the rear legs,‭ ‬something that would have given it a posture where its mouth was close to the ground which would have helped it in its life as a low browser.

    Sauropelta was different from many ankylosaurs because it had two types of teeth. Small pegs lined the upper front of the mouth, while leaf-shaped teeth lined both the upper and lower cheek region. The shape of the cheek teeth and their pattern of wear show that Sauropelta ate soft plants.

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