Fun Activities That Can Keep Your Kids Busy
    The activities for kids are all very easy to conduct and thay can help you bind with your kids. So what can parents do amidst all the busy schedules to engage their children? Let’s take a look.

    Most parents think that keep the kids at home is a very difficult task when they have a lot of free time on their hands. The sole reason is that they have very active minds and this causes them to think up new mischief. The biggest issues that the parents face is how to handle them well. There are a lot of activities that you can involve yourself in along with your children. These activities are helpful in developing your child and at the same time help you spend some quality time with your children and also keeps them busy all at once.

    Painting and Coloring

    Painting and coloring allows children to express their creativity and have fun. Children who paint learn to think with an open mind, to look at situations creatively. Learning to paint benefits children by using both sides of their brain.

    Coloring are always a fascination for children and almost all of them love to color.  Coloring Pages is a great medium for children to express their imagination. It’s an important part of brain development. And is an excellent way to engage children indoors.

    Tips:  to engage children It is always exciting to splash some paint on Paper. All you need to do is buy some paint and a canvas; you are good to go. You can give a picture to copy from or let your child draw from his/her imagination.

    For my kids, I give drawing sheets and colors to my kids. They draw things, whatever they like, like favorite fruit, cartoons, sketches of things nearby them, especially the Dinosaur Coloring Pages because my kids very love color dinosaurs.

    Put on a show with toys

    Have your child help you gather a cast of dolls, stuffed animals, and toy figures. Divide them up between the two of you and act out a play, using different voices for the different dolls and animals. Improvise as you go – half the fun is taking the action in a silly direction.

    Another option: Host a talent show and have each character sing a song or tell a joke or story.

    Go on picnics:

    Children will be able to hear, smell, see and feel things they haven’t before allowing them to use their it hearing cicadas and birds flying past their heads, which most of them don’t experience in these busy city lives.

    Expertise an indoor game:

    Only through imagination does your kid get new ideas and try them out in the real world, testing his/her own limits. Start encouraging them to pick up a Game like caroms, chess, and table tennis. You can also hire a home tutor of the same.

    Activities like reading, playing, etc develop imagination and creativity. Apart from that, they also help in developing brain function.

    Pin Up Pictures

    Keep pictures of friends and family on a bulletin board in your child's room to develop word association and improve memory. Then write people's names on sticky notes (include titles such as "aunt," "uncle," and "cousin") Or all the pictures that your kids have colored (names all types of dinosaurs, all types flowers...) and put them at bottom of each photo. Refer to the words often, especially at a family gathering. Remove the sticky notes from the pictures as your child becomes more familiar to everyone. Also, read books about brothers and sisters or aunt and uncles, and ask your child to identify each family member mentioned. As your child grows, extend the activity by creating a family tree with names and pictures. Make this an ever-changing piece of artwork in your home.

    These are some of the kids learning activities that you can try at home and encourage your kids to participate in. These fun learning activities for kids at home or at school are useful in developing personality and sense of responsibility as well. Positive learning experiences will pay off in the future. You can be the best teacher for your child while helping him with educational activities. The parent tells us which learning activity for kids you liked the most in the comment section below.

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