Good Idea For A Dinosaur Birthday Party_For Your Child
    Are you looking for ideas for your child birthday party? Why you don't think about a Dinosaur birthday party. This is the best idea for your child who will have a fun party with his friends. Read on.

    Children are fascinated by the dinosaurs and a dinosaur birthday party is fun for them. There are many awesome ideas and free printable such as invitations, dinosaur coloring pages, stickers, decorations, activity sheets and many more. Get ideas for dinosaur cake, food and drink, party games and printable masks. There are all things that you need for your dinosaur party!

    As with any party, you can keep things simple or build all the way to extravagant. Whether you use fun dino figures, incorporate educational information or plan an exotic dino hunt, these ideas will help you get started.

    Venue and Number of guests

    Consider numbers of guests to prepare party space, food/drink and many more. Knowing the number of guests, you will decide to hold the party in the house or outside.


    Invitation is a must-have item for the birthday party. There are many printable/ready-made dinosaur invites available. On each of the invitation, you can add an "-osaurus” to each kid’s name, for example, “Anna-osaurus”, or “Tim-osaurus”, to make the invitations more dino-interesting!

    Dinosaur Birthday Banner

    The banner will make your party space more nice and the backdrop of the birthday party will be more perfect. You can buy the banner available at the store or you also can download and print out printable birthday banner, cut along the dotted lines and string the pendants together and then hang on or stick in the center of party.

    Dinosaur Stickers and Cupcake

    The Dinosaur stickers will be great for your child's birthday party because the children love stickers! To make the cupcake toppers you simply use some dinosaur stickers, cardstock, paper punches, glue, and toothpicks.  First, cut the paper shapes.  Then glue the toothpick between the two pieces of cardstock.  Last put the sticker on one side and insert them into cupcakes. The children will really enjoy nice images of the cupcake.

     Dinosaur Birthday Hats

    Kids really like to wear nice party hats on their heads. Print, cut and glue, add ribbon or elastic to keep the hats on the head. Each guest chooses their hats that are matching their favorite dino when the party starts.

     Dinosaur Party Cup Wrappers

    Make nice and unique cups for kids with the theme dinosaur. Using the color printer print the templates of cup wrapper, and cut along the outlines. You and your kid can write the name of guests on a wrapper. Wrap around each cup and then glue.

    Dinosaur Birthday Cake

    A uniquely decorated dinosaur cake which will bring surprise and happiness for birthday party for your kid. This cake promises a lot of action and adventure to make your son or daughter’s day special. The cakes usually feature a large-sized dinosaur that is created out of bakery products and can be of various colors. Sometimes the dinosaur fills up the entire length of the cake, etc. The children will really enjoy nice image of the cake.


    When guests arrive, pull them into the party atmosphere by greeting them with something dinosaur! You can color printer your favorite dinosaurs from Dinosaur Pictures for free. Or a really cool idea is to decorate your Dinosaur birthday party area with dinosaur footprints, placing them all over the house and/or yard. You can also have them lead up to your doorstep, or even use colored chalk to draw monster-size footprints.

    Decorate the Dinosaur birthday party tables with plastic dinosaurs, small rocks, little plants, all kinds of miniature dinosaur paraphernalia, little baskets with green shrubbery and plastic eggs (dino-eggs), etc. 

    Activities Dinosaur Coloring Pages

    Dinosaur Coloring Pages will keep guests busy while waiting for everyone to arrive. 
    You can download, print out or color online. You print out these black and white pictures and let your kids use colored pencils, crayons, markers and so on; they will use creativity and imagination to make nice pictures. Many websites offer lots of Paw Patrol images and other coloring pages that you can download, print or play them online.

    Have your other idea for throwing a Dinosaur Birthday Party? If yes, share with us. 

    Thank you.

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