How to draw and color a dinosaur
    How to draw and color a Dinosaur by step is a guide for kids, beginners, children to learn drawing easily. If you want step by step in images, read on.

    We suggest you learn how to draw a dinosaur. Before prehistory, dinosaurs populated our planet and then disappeared, probably because of a sudden change in temperature. With this method of drawing step by step, you will learn using simple shapes to understand the basics of drawing. Now it's up to you to show us your talents as an artist!

    First of all, visit Dinosaur Coloring Pages or Dinosaur Pictures to print your favorite dinosaurs. At here, you will find all the dinosaur images for kids with Jurassic,  Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Apatosaurus, etc.

    Here I will guide you to draw Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. This easy tutorial will show your kids that drawing a Tyrannosaurus Rex is simple! You will have them drawing dinosaurs in no time!
    Now observe the drawing reference below and follow the same and try drawing it in pencil

    Step 1:

    First,  you need to draw two circles, like a glass.
    Draw a shallow arc—this will be the back of our dinosaur. See image for placement.

    Step 2:

    Now draw a curved neck, the foot and the tail (the tail should be longer than the rest of the body). See image above for placement and shape.

    Step 3:

    Your dinosaur drawing is starting to look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex! You can now add some feet by following the lines. Don't forget to draw in some claws, an eye, some teeth and your dinosaurs tongue! Follow the image above for placement.

    Step 4

    Finally, complete the head, the foot, and the tail. Draw the head shape including the lower jaw line. Then draw the eye. Then, you can shade the body to show the beautiful even better. Thus we have completed the last drawing step. See image for shape reference.

    Our T-rex is now complete!

    You can add some extra skin lines and patterns, perhaps even some claw marks on the head or body from a past fight with another dinosaur. 
    The good thing about coloring dinosaurs is that you do not know what colors they had, so you can let go of your creativity and do what you want by coloring them.

    Drawing, as well as coloring, is one of the many vital fine motor skills children should develop. Dinosaur Coloring Pages are a means for your child to widen his creativity, by developing his coloring methods, coloring strokes, imagination, and decision-making skills. Choosing what colors to use, manners of coloring methods to execute, and coloring ways to follow will strengthen ingenuity for kids.

    The dinosaur coloring that offers you to download today will appeal to aficionados of these giant animals: the dinosaur. T-rex, a dinosaur too cute to print and color will please children. The coloring of the day is an easy coloring. To download this dinosaur coloring page, click on the link it here. Then print.

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