How To Make A Dinosaur Gift Unique For Kids
    Are you looking for a dinosaur gift for your kids in this Christmas, then you have come to the right place. In this article I will guide you to make to dinosaur gifts for kids, I sure that you will find the great dinosaur gift for your kids!

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    The idea of making dinosaur gifts for children

    Gift Dinosaur
            Make Greetings Cards For Celebrating Christmas
            Cute Kids Gift Wrap Ideas
            Cute dinosaur stuffed toy
            Finger-print Dinosaur


    The idea of making dinosaur gifts for children


    As you know, Dinosaur is a hugely popular theme for kids. They have interested anything about dinosaur such as Dinosaur books, dinosaur toys, dinosaur puzzles, dinosaur games, dinosaur coloring pages, dinosaur fossil kits...Dinosaur lovers aren't just little kids - big kids, teenagers and adults alike all seem to have a great fascination for these prehistoric creatures. So, our roundup of the best dinosaur gifts doesn't just include the best toys we have a few options for every age group, because we are all young at heart.

    The Christmas is coming here near.  The idea to make a dinosaur gift for kids or for all everyone that sure they will love! I think that this is the best ideas that are easy to make.


    Gift Dinosaur



    Make Greetings Cards For Celebrating Christmas

    Christmas cards consider as a part of the traditional celebration of Christmas holiday. People use them to convey emotions or sentiments to the Christmas season. There are many different greetings; many cards are expressed by a poem, prayer, song lyrics and more. You can create your own Christmas cards for your kids and you can even guide them to make these cards to give for grandparents and their friends. Homemade cards have high sentimental value. Although many young people said that it's not necessary to make greeting cards because we can buy them in markets ... Yes, it is right, however, you can buy greetings cards but when you use your effort to create greetings for your beloved ones. It will be more significant, isn't it? In order not to lose your time, right now I am going to start with the first guide:

    - You need to download a sheet from Dinosaur Coloring Pages.
    - Print out these black and white coloring sheets.
    - Haft fold the greeting cards.
    - Use colored pencils, crayons, markers, watercolors... to color these greetings cards.
    - You can write poems, wishes inside the card and finally give them to your relatives.

    Now, download these dinosaur coloring sheets as many as you want. You can create many dinosaur cards from these coloring sheets. Make this Christmas be special with your beloved ones.



    Cute Kids Gift Wrap Ideas


    Another creative way to wrap the gift, this is cute kids gift wrap ideas with free downloadable templates to turn any wrapped box into a dinosaur.

    *Material needed:

    Boxed gift
    Solid color gift wrap (or wrap with a simple pattern)
    Free downloadable templates
    Copier paper to match or complement the gift wrap
    Markers, colored pencils, or crayons
    Additional craft supplies as desired: googly eyes, glitter, pom-poms, whatever.

    *How to Wrap a dinosaur:

    Download the template and print it out. Use colored paper or print on white if you’d like to color and add your own details.
    If needed, color it in yourself—or give it to your kiddo to decorate!
    Wrap the gift.
    Cut out the dinosaur parts.
    Decide where to place the head and tail for maximum adorable-ness: Is it a long, skinny dinosaur? Or a stubby one? Fold along the dotted lines and tape the head and tail on opposite ends of the gift.
    Tape the spine to the top, and attach the feet near the bottom of the box. (Put them high enough that they don’t bend when you put the box down.)
    Add scales, stripes, or design details as desired.


    Cute dinosaur stuffed toy


    Here detailed tutorial shows how to make a cute dinosaur stuffed toy. You'll even find things super simple. YYou just need some ingredients and some simple operation, you can completely make yourself a cute stuffed dinosaur to decorate or make a gift.

    * Material needed:

    Sewing machine or hand stitching supplies
    Free downloadable templates

    * How to Make:

    Download the template and print it out:
    - Cut the cardboard into dinosaurs for modeling. Apply the pattern on the fabric then draw two dinosaurs.
    - You look at the dinosaur pattern then cut out two Dinosaurs, 1 regular, 1 reverse, use two different fabrics if desired: The easiest and fastest way to do this is to lay your fabrics on top of each other right sides together, pin the pattern on top and cut out.

    - Cut the fabric ribbon into different lengths. Then fold up and try on the dinosaurs to match.
    - Flip the left side of the dinosaur cloth and sew it back.
    - You need to sew the ribbon on the back of the dinosaur.
    - Do not sew the dinosaur belly.
    - Turn over cloth of the dinosaur, you stuffed Cotton into dinosaur body then you sew this cloth. Sewing is completed.

    * Finished product:

    You only need a bit meticulous and dexterous is a beautiful dinosaur was born. Handmade dinosaurs are cute in color and have small spines on their backs so you can use them as a keychain hook. This is also a handmade gift for friends. Hope you are successful!

    Finger-print Dinosaur


    There are so many things that can look great as gift wrap paper. More Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas with Finger-print Dinosaur that I will present to you below:

    * Material needed:

    - Scissors
    - Paper
    - Free downloadable templates

    * How to Make:

    Download the template and print it out dinosaur pictures, then use this dinosaur template to start:
    - Use a sheet of plain paper to wrap your present, 
    - Decorate with finger-prints in the shape of dinosaurs. So quick and easy to do and a unique gift wrapping idea for kids’ presents!



    Making homemade dinosaur gifts for children is very interesting. It is especially nice if you need the items that are well-researched, that you know kids enjoy, and that you can rely on to get great ideas. I'm happy to bring you great gift ideas for your kids of all ages. 
    I hope you enjoy this article and make good use of it.

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