Information And Color The Cute Dinosaur: Ornithomimus
    Ornithomimus are a great dinosaur to learn about. Find out all about how, when and where they lived - and check out some great pictures of them too.

    Every kid loves Dino! Dinosaurs may have walked the Earth a billion years ago but they continue to remain a topic interest for children and adults all over the world till date. So, why not get your kids Coloring Pages based on these terrifying but fascinating creatures?

    Using color by dinosaur for kids is an easy and fun way to teach kids more about their names and their colors. In the process, children become budding artists as well! Color by Dinosaur Coloring Pages are fun for kids of all ages. Encourage your child's creativity and help him or her brush up on color skills with some of the many printables available online.

    There are lots of species of dinosaurs such as: Tyrannosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus, Allosaurus, Hadrosaurus and more. Today will supply some information about Hadrosaurus Dinosaur for those who like to discover dinosaurs. Now we discover the story of the Ornithomimus, it is quite interesting.

    Ornithomimus are a great dinosaur to learn about. Find out all about how, when and where they lived - and check out some great pictures of them too.

    The name oviraptor comes from two Greek words, ovi = egg and raptor = seizer. As the name suggests, this dinosaur fed on eggs stolen from the nests of other dinosaurs. Only one definitive fossil of this small Theropod dinosaur has ever been found.

    Ornithomimus lived during the Late Cretaceous Period, around 75—65 million years ago. Species of Ornithomimus look like ostriches, but they are not related to birds. Since they were bipedal dinosaurs, they lived on land and could run fast.

    The fossils of Ornithomimus were found in North America. They had beak without tooth and long arms. They might have eaten insects, fruits, leaves and small animals such as lizards and mammals.

    So how to color for Ornithomimus dinosaur?

    Children love to draw and color especially those characters like the Dinosaurs and all these characters you will find in Dinosaur Coloring Pages are also a great source of delight for young children.

    Your little children want to learn and explore more about this dinosaur. Dinosaur Coloring pages are the best choice for them. This way is suitable for young children and engages their interest about dinosaurs at an early age. These Dinosaurs Coloring Pages are educational tools for children, parents and teachers. We bring tons of coloring sheets that you can use them for teaching for your children or students learn more about different kinds of dinosaurs.

    Each coloring sheet supplies detailed information for each of species like name, size, height, weight ... Especially they are free and are available for download or print out.

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