List Of Games "Dig Dinosaur Fossil" Awesome For Little Dinosaur Lover
    In this article, you’ll explore the best  "Dig dinosaur fossil" games that your kid can discover and study dinosaurs using their computer or mobile device. Ready to dive into the world of dinosaurs? Let’s go!

    Parents need to know that these digging dinosaur fossil games puts children not only in the roles of fossil-digging scientists but in the roles of the prehistoric beasts themselves. Join these games, kids can learn a bit of Geography and also Archaeology. This is an experience for them and the controls in the games pretty well without too much effort of kids. These games are the most kid-friendly, parents can rest assured children entertain with these games.

    Dino Dig

    Dino Dig is an awesome archaeological adventure in which kids will discover the buried bones of prehistoric behemoths. Your kids will imitate archaeologists, unearth fossils with step by step and very, very carefully. Dig through the soil to uncover dinosaur fossils. Once you have all the pieces of a dinosaur, you break open the fossils, clean them, and then assemble them to make the whole dinosaur skeleton.

    Dino Digger

    Dino Digger is an exciting game that enables kids to explore the underground for dinosaur bones.  In this skill game, kids will collect treasures and past fossils. With a simple click of the Mouse and then its directional movement to left and right, the digger will be able to look everywhere deep down the soil for dinosaur bones. He dreams of owning a museum with fossils of the legendary Tyrannosaur Rex. Collect fuel and other bonuses along the way to stretch his journey and not die. After each fails, craft bombs and distribute points to start a new round with better chances. This is one of the exciting dig dinosaur fossil game that kids can enjoy.

    Gold Mine Jurassic Dig

    Gold Mine Jurassic Dig is an amazing series about dinosaur jigsaw. You must dig up the bones of these mysterious adventure dinosaurs. By bringing together the pieces of bone you find, you can see how they look when they are alive. The assembling bones part is the coolest thing in the game and it makes the game. This is one of our selected Dinosaur games online. You and your kids play it at here.

    Dino Dig Dag: Archaeology

    Dino Dig Dag is a fun digging game. Play as an archaeologist and find dinosaur bones. Then, build the skeletons to create them again. Use your strategy, skill and special tools to dig the right tiles and locate the ancient bones. Collecting all the fossils of a dinosaur enables you to complete it’s skeleton and unlocks authentic real-world information about your incredible discovery. Parents and kids can play this game at here!

    Dino Quest Dinosaur Discovery and Dig

    Dino Quest Dinosaur Discovery and Dig is a exciting gameplay for every dinosaur fan. Join this game, you will discover the mysteries of the dinosaur. Explore different continents to find the fossils of millions of years of history and bring them to your own museum collection. With accurate information and an exciting gameplay, Dino Quest will surely satisfy the little children.

    Dinosaur Dig

    Awesome! Dinosaur Dig is one of kids favorite games. This dinosaur dig game is a bit different from our other dinosaur games - it's a bit more like battleships but instead of sinking mines to blow up ships you've got to use the grid to locate dinosaur bones! There are four small dinosaurs to dig up, two medium and one large dinosaur. No two dinosaur bones will be next to each other.
    Use the grid in the game below to find the dinosaur remains and click on DIG when you've made your location choice. Your score in this dinosaur dig game depends on the percentage of your guesses that are correct.

    Any dinosaur fan will love this list of dinosaur games. If you enjoy this list, you'll probably like our list of the best dinosaur memory games. Choose your favorite dinosaur game and have fun!

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