Some ways to help your kids get ready for school
    As parents, you are worried about getting your child ready for school. If you do not know what to do then read this article!

    As you know, all parents are worry if their children enter Preschool. You there should be no need to stress over this situation. If you play simple, fun games and activities with your preschooler they learn better and enjoy this fun and exciting way to get ready for Kindergarten.

    Here are some practical ways you can help prepare your child for school:

    Learning the alphabet and the sounds

    You can teach kids the animals song and then quickly move onto the sounds they make. You would state the letter, ask the sound it makes, and ask for a word that starts with that letter. Every child loves animals so they will mastered every letter of the alphabet with a different animal. Play while learning is a fun way. Some kids love these and that’s fine.

    Reading for kids

    The best way to prepare a child in life is to read to them. According to Einstein said, " if you want your children to be intelligent read them fairy tales". So you have time, then read for them every day. Read a wide variety of books, both stories, and comics and animals like dinosaur pictures - anything that takes their interest!

    Numbers Game

    Ask them to count everything out. For example, when handing out a favorite chocolate dish, ask them to count out how many chocolate bars in the package.


    Perhaps most children like coloring. You try to find coloring pages on the internet in subjects or even dinosaur coloring pages that your child is interested. Color is child's favorite but not sure that they will color in the line. You try to work on this every day and tell them its great to be creative but not to scribble all over the page. 

    Cutting Skills 

    Most parents are anxious about teaching their kids how to use scissors. Even though it is scary to hand your child a pair of scissors, this is a skill they must master before they enter Kindergarten. You started out drawing shapes out on paper and telling them to cut on the dotted lines. Let child how to appropriately use scissors and giving them supervised practice will help them to develop not only good fine motor and visual motor skills but an appreciation for how to use tools appropriately.


    Have children play games and then you ask them to sort. They will sort them into colors. Or if you are getting ready to do laundry, you can ask them for help to sort the clothes into whites and colors.

    Make Learning Fun for Children

    Every parent should relax and have fun to play these games and activities with their children. If you make learning fun and exciting, the child is much more willing to participate in the learning process.

    You should remember all children are different so be creative and come up with similar games that work for them. If you take the time to find simple, fun ways to help your child in the learning process, he or she will be ready and well prepared to enter that most exciting first year of school - Preschool! Good luck!

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