Take To The Streets With "Angry Gran Run" Games Collection
    Angry Gran Run is the best free 3D running game! If you love grandma games then you will love this cool free running game on our website. These are the most popular, interesting and favorite games of kids. Read this article!

    If you did not hear or played this great game called "Angry Gran Run", then today you have the opportunity to try it on our Dinosaurgames.me site. The title of the game is quite interesting, "Angry Gran Run" - an angry granny running.

    Although you have not tried it yet, you already have a picture in your head of an old lady dressed funny with an angry sour face that is quite irascible and doesn't want to be bothered while making all those around here go crazy. Yet the fact that this title points to a running type of game, somehow tells us that trouble will be present with every step you make.

    Angry gran run jump, once the old lady appeared on the streets, the real endless running action begins. The old women are desperately trying to escape whoever might follow her. The streets are full of obstacles, where some of them are parts of the real world, others are delusional probably existing only in granny’s head. Yet you really need to jump or slide over every single one because otherwise, it’s game over for you.

    To play the game Angry Gran Run, the controls are divided into two separate parts on the keyboard, Up and down arrows keys to jump or slide. A, D keys to move from left to right in order to avoid obstacles. Left and Right arrows to take the street corners.

    In this game, the obstacles will be parked cars, people at work moving a large sheet of glass, clothesline, barriers, a flying zeppelin, holes in the middle of the road, a big truck and some more. The players will imagine quite funny: an alien flying ship that landed right in the middle of the road with three little green aliens, a big wale, a giant rolling soda can, and a green dinosaur.

    While running you can collect gold coins that one can spend it in the store to buy all sort of upgrades such as invincibility, sprint, coin multipliers, double jumps, resurrection, etc. and funny costumes.

    Angry Gran Run have many her world tour, so you will have the visit to "Angry Gran Run Brazil", "Angry Gran Run London", "Angry Gran Run Mexico", "Angry Gran Run Miami", "Angry Gran Run Australia" and there's "Angry Gran Run: Christmas". You are ready to run, jump slide and trick your dinosaur and also earn points for various items and achievements to gain easy and exciting game?

    Dinosaurgames.me website has a plenty list of Angry Gran Run games for you. You can try it once. We hope you will like these games. Angry Gran Run is one of kids favorite game. After playing this game you will also like it.

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