The Interesting Information About Coelophysis Dinosaur
    This article will provide some interesting information about Coelophysis dinosaur for you. Very interesting to learn about it. Read on!

    Did you also know that it is one of the best representations of meat-eating dinosaurs?  Coelophysis is one of the earliest known dinosaurs to have a wishbone, just like a chicken.Although it is small and slender it is one of the oldest known dinosaurs.

    This is a small dinosaur that lived approximately 200 million years ago in the Late Triassic Period. Its name is Coelophysis - which means "hollow form" because this dinosaur had hollow bones. Coelophysis was about 9 feet long, 3 feet high and weighed about 100 pounds. With its hollow bone structure made it light and agile, a trait it needed to avoid some of the predators of the day.

    An interesting fact about this dinosaur is that at one point in time it was accused of cannibalism. That’s because small fossilized remains of reptiles were found in many of these dinosaur’s stomachs. This prompted many scientists to believe that these dinosaur’s feasted on their own young.

    However, that wasn’t the case. Scientists eventually discovered that what was in these dinosaur’s stomach wasn’t their own young or even other dinosaurs, but archosaurs; the earliest living representations of crocodiles and birds.

    Nothing like the name suggests, though a wishbone is a bone formed by the fusion of two clavicles in some birds and, recently discovered that, in dinosaurs too. The Coelophysis was among the first few dinos that had furcula and the interesting part is that they were not even closely related to birds.

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