The Ways to limit time use to computer or mobile for kids
    Limiting the amount of time kids spend on the computer or mobile can be a challenge for many the Parents, but it doesn’t need to be full of tears and tantrums. Read on!

    The use of the internet and mobile devices have become a part of our daily lives. The computer and mobile are one of the tools useful tool and can help you get a lot done, wasting time on it seem to be all too easy. While computers can help your kid learn a lot of useful things, especially this can provide valuable free time for busy moms and dads. But children can easily get addicted to the computer. Of course, this addiction could affect your bonding.

    Lots of kids have problems with spending too much time on the computer or mobile. If you find your kid spending too much time on his computer, no need to panic yet. There are ways you can correct this and make his time more useful and beneficial to both of you.  Below you will find some ways you can spend time with your child away from the computer or mobile.

    The Parents can play with child

    By playing with your kids with their toys, you will not only have the opportunity to bond with him and make Parent-child relationship stronger. You will also help in developing certain functions such as coordination, motor skills, confidence, patience, and more.
    There are many toys you can choose, it could be as simple as playing puzzle toys, trucks etc. You just need to make sure that your child is interested in the game. Ensure you choose a game that is age appropriate.

    Read books With Child

    Reading and sharing stories with your child is a great way to spend time together. Try to make funny faces while reading. If you do this right, it can easily become an activity your child will look forward to every day. In addition, reading and storytelling also help promote language, literacy and brain development.

    Cook Together

    The kitchen can be a fascinating place for young kids. They see grown-ups working briskly in there, watch the steam rise from pots on the stove, and smell what's on the menu that night. Even older kids might be intrigued by how baked goods and meals come together. It isn't always convenient to invite them into the kitchen to help, but consider doing so when time allows.

    Younger kids can watch what you're doing and help out with small tasks, like stirring something or setting the table. Older kids can be taught how to crack eggs or measure ingredients. Even teens might be lured into the kitchen if you tell them they can choose the dish and you'll help prepare it for them.

    To make the activity even more fun, buy their own cookbook and apron and allow them to pick a recipe. You can do this activity weekly or when you have the time if you are always very busy.

    Let’s color!

    And finally, do not forget about Coloring Pages. It is surely also a great way you can spend time with your child away from computers. This activity is so simple and it can provide lifelong benefits to your descendant. Coloring pages are fun, exciting, inspire learning while instilling your child with a lot of useful life skills.

    Working with printable coloring pages like Dinosaur Coloring Pages can improve his handwriting, his motor skills, and stimulates creativity. But that’s not all. This simple activity will also teach how to focus, hand and eye coordination, and even enhance self-confidence. Have fun with your kids with printable coloring pages, Parents can be able to make your relationship stronger.

    You can get started with these activities listed above. By making use of coloring pages and other tools suggested above, you may be able to cure your kid’s computer or mobile addiction, teach him life skills, instill knowledge, and make your relationship stronger.

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