Use Dinosaurs to Build Communication Skills For Your Kids
    Children communication skills teaching is very important to build a good foundation for their future, and for the rest of a child’s life. How to use dinosaurs to build communication skills for your kids? Let find out!

    Dinosaur is huge and terrifying, legendary and mysterious, and are frequently endowed with great names that children love to rattle off: Triceratops, Mosasaur, Velociraptor, T-Rex!  Who doesn’t like dinosaurs? They’re captivating, imaginative, fun to play with, and-most of all-are a great way to keep your child engaged.

    There are some way to your children can learn with dinosaur and they think it's all just a fun game! You can use some these ways to build up your child's communication skills:

    Listening Skills

    There are all kinds of dinosaurs, and they make all kinds of different sounds. This is great because it means your child can ­play and practice with a range of different sounds. When you play with sounds, you teach your child how to listen to the sounds you are making. This helps them to match the sounds they hear, and the sounds that they are making. So you can give your child play the dinosaur games, pick out a specific dinosaur and imagine a kind of sound it would make: flaps, roars, Squeaks, etc. With this ways, your children will imitate and join in on the fun.

    Speech Skills

    Dinosaurs go beyond listening and can help your child develop clear speech. You can pick out a Dinosaur Pictures and Dinosaur Names and talk about the names of this dinosaur. You try clapping out the syllables, for example with a Stegosaurus you would clap out four syllables: ste – go – sau – rus. Use acoustic highlighting to emphasize a syllable your child missed.
    If your child is reading, write the word in syllables and point them out as you say them for your child to copy. This can be difficult for some young children, but even if your child doesn’t get them right, it’s still good practice and helps your child develop their ability to listen to, and remember, long words. If your child is accustomed to the names of dinosaurs then you can teach about the names of all the different dinosaurs for them.

    Draw Skills

    You can talk about your favorite dinosaurs and tell your child which ones are your favorite, and why. Then you can ask your child what dinosaurs they like? You might like to talk about what you think the dinosaurs did at night time, or what colors you think the dinosaurs might have been when they were little. Did they grow in size? Did they change color as they grew up?

    Tell your child that you think this or that dinosaur might have been green or red or brown, and so on. Pick out a Dinosaur Coloring Pages Free and ask your child what color they think it would have been.Make a point of saying to your child that you think they may have been this color, or they may have been doing a particular activity in the morning—but you don’t actually know, because you didn’t see the dinosaurs. Then you can Encourage your child to imagine and draw the dinosaurs they know.

    Through these methods, I think that your child will develop well the skills that children need. You want to develop your child's communication skills even more? Check out these other fun activities below.

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