What Are Your Playing For This Weekend
    If you’re looking for some free games to play this weekend, Jurassic Hunter and many other dinosaur games will be available for free on our website for you.

    What do you often do on weekends? Weekends are a great time for everyone, these days you can have a good sleep, getting up late and then do some cleanings after having breakfast in the morning, and indispensable is some online games.

    If you are as one of the mobile game lovers, you got a chance to download a new game this weekend. The game which is reviewed for this time is named  "Jurassic Hunter".

    Enter a world of danger in Jurassic Hunter, from Social Point, and live the adventure of your life. Make your way through jungles, deserts, and another tortuous terrain while hunting the beasts par excellence: the dinosaurs.

    Dinosaurs have come back to life! They are really dangerous and put at risk the lives of all the people. You are our savior and, today, your purpose is to kill them all so we can survive in the future.

    Your weapon against them is your car. Use it right and you will succeed in eliminating them. However, remember that the fuel is limited and, without refilling it, you will not reach a greater distance. Consider the fact that if you survive a long distance, you will gain a lot more points. You have a lot of maps to unlock, so keep going ahead!

    But remember: they are the big game and they will face you. Test your skills turn-by-turn. Do you think you will survive?

    Use the left arrow key in order to lean backward, the right arrow key to lean forward and the spacebar for jumping. Don't forget to visit the garage for upgrading your car from time to time.

    Equip yourself with the best and latest weapons: from the lethal and powerful bow to heavy assault rifles. There is something for everyone.

    Share with your friends the excitement and satisfaction of hunting the biggest beasts. Connect with Facebook and share your hunts. Send and receive energy and other objects that will help you in your struggle. Chat with other hunters in real time and exchange impressions on your combat tactics.

    Start your weekend with the best dinosaur games on our website! We already took care of the adding to bring you only the very best of what the game's world has to offer. We hope you enjoy these as much as we did.

    Have a good week! Play games! Have fun!


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