What did Dinosaurs Eat and How do we know
    Some people look at dinosaurs and they think that dinosaurs are predators, they see dinosaur as ferocious meat eaters. In reality, the dinosaur's diet was probably much more complex than they would imagine. So What did the dinosaur eat?  Let find out!

    Most dinosaurs ate plants. Even though they were so huge, Sauropods like Brachiosaurus lived on green grass and shrubs. Scientists know this from looking at their teeth that have been found in fossils. Some dinosaurs ate meat. One of the most famous dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex, was a meat-eater and had sharp teeth and claws to help him get his food. Animals that eat plants are called herbivores. Animals that eat meat are called carnivores.

    The dinosaurs herbivores probably also ate a variety of other things to supplement their diets, as twigs and seeds. And some scientists speculate that these plant-eaters probably consumed stones as well. Just like modern birds. These stones would help their stomachs grind down the plant material further so they could extract the nutrients from it.

    You can tell what the carnivores like T-Rex and Velociraptor ate just by looking at their teeth. These dinosaurs had long, serrated teeth that was designed for one purpose and one purpose alone: ripping flesh from the bones of other dinosaurs. This would have made these animals the apex predators of their time. However, not all scientists believe that these carnivores were indeed hunters. Some believe that they were actually scavengers. Eating the flesh of dinosaurs that have died from natural causes, or stealing the eggs of other dinosaurs. While neither explanation has been fully proven, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. These dinosaurs probably hunted and scavenged to meet their caloric requirements.

    Did any of the dinosaurs eat both plants and meat? Probably. Fossils show that certain species had different kinds of teeth - some for grinding and others for tearing - which suggests that they may well have feasted on both types of food. Omnivorous dinosaurs that ate both include Nothronychus, Hagryphus, Beipiaosaurus, Yunnanosaurus, Citipati and Nomingia. These dinosaurs not only ate plants and meat that they scavenged, but also quite likely feasted on a variety of different insects.

    The informations above can help you know "what dinosaurs eat?". Well, as you can clearly see it all depended on what type of dinosaur they were and what type of teeth they had. As plant eaters probably lived on a variety of leaves, twigs and seeds which would have included conifers, geiko plants, redwoods, yews, pines, cypress and cycades. They may have also eaten a variety of angiosperms and other flowering plants. Meat eaters, on the other hand, probably not only lived off the carcasses of dinosaurs they either hunted or scavenged, but also probably fed off of insects. Omnivores probably lived off whatever was readily available—whether it was animal, vegetable or insect...

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