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About Extreme Raptor Racing

Hi, dinosaur fan!
We are delighted to bring you a new, very exciting dinosaur game. It is called Extreme Raptor Racing game. This game has beautiful 3D graphics, funny sounds that are very suitable for all children of all ages. You can enjoy this game in your browser or mobile as well.

Entering the game, you can choose an online mode or local mode. There are 6 types of raptor with different colors, choose one of them for your racing. An interesting thing in this game is that there are 6 levels and you can choose which level you want to join the race.
After completing the raptor, it's time to jump into the race with other opponents. On the way, you need to collect power-ups and use it to slow down others or speed up your pace.

You will encounter a number of challenges, which are large wooden stems scattered along the way. Control dinosaurs to jump over them. Otherwise, you will fall on the way and that will slow down your race.

In the left corner of the game, the screen will show your position on the track. Above the game, the screen will show your race time. After each race is over, the game will show your score and you can know who scored the highest score in this exciting game.

Do you want to try a dinosaur simulation game? Join in this game right now! We think you will have more fun with this game. Please enjoy and have fun!


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