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Welcome to Carnotaurus Dinosaur Coloring Page that we collect it from the internet. If you love Carnotaurus dinosaur and coloring, then create beautiful pictures with whatever color you want.

As you know, Carnotaurus was a meat-eater that lived about 60 million years ago during the Cretaceous period in South America, known as Patagonia. The Carnotaurus was found in 1985 by Argentine paleontologist named Jose Bonaparte.

The name “Carnotaurus” means meat-eating bull. This dinosaur was around 8 meters in length and 1500-2500kg in weight. Just like T-Rex, Carnotaurus had very small arms and fingers. It had eyes that were set in front of its skull, while many dinosaurs had eyes on the side of their heads. This means that these dinosaurs probably had pretty good depth perception and binocular vision.
Carnotaurus was moved quite fast with a speed of about 35 miles per hour. This would make it significantly faster than a running human and make it almost as fast as a cougar.

Above are some interesting facts about Carnotaurus, now you can color them by color online or print out it. This picture is free to use.
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