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Hi all, find your favorite Metriacanthosaurus Dinosaur Coloring Page. We have selected this Metriacanthosaurus Dinosaur Coloring Page to offer you nice dinosaur picture to print out and color. So, now, just print it out and using crayons or colored pencils to make a nice picture. Or color online on our site for free!
Provide some interesting information about Metriacanthosaurus dinosaurs that make sure your kids will be excited while coloring. Metriacanthosaurus is a dinosaur which lived approximately 160 million years ago during the mid-Jurassic Period. It was a carnivore which was around 24 feet long, 12 feet high and weighed around a ton. Its size is very similar to Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was about as tall and weighed about the same, but the T- Rex was a little bit longer. Therefore, it is pretty safe to assume that these two dinosaurs behaved in much the same way. They both probably hunted herbivores and could run at a brisk speed of around 15-20 miles per hour.
Dinosaur Coloring Pages is the place for your kid to show passion and interest in coloring dinosaur. A place for intellectual development, thinking for children. Come and experience it all. Have fun!

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