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Hi all, Today we continue to bring you a new Muttaburrasaurus Dinosaur coloring page. You can print out it, download or color online on our site for free. Coloring and learning about Muttaburrasaurus dinosaur that is very interesting! If if you are interested in this dinosaur, then read some interesting fact below
Muttaburrasaurus lived in Australia during the Cretaceous period, about 100 to 98 million years. It is currently the best known Australian dinosaur from fossil remains.
Muttaburrasaurus was an herbivore that was about 24 feet long and weighed approximately 3 tons. It had a bony beak, teeth that were as sharp, and a bump between its eyes and its mouth. This dinosaur is believed to be very similar to Iguanodon dinosaurs. Because it has walked on its back two legs, and it could have just as easily been able to walk on all four. This dinosaur is believed the best known Australian dinosaur from fossil remains.
Scientists really don't know much about what color Dinosaurs were - so use your creativity and imagination to create a nice dinosaur picture. Using whatever color you want, because the colors to color are unlimited. We are sure that you will have a fun time with the Muttaburrasaurus dinosaur coloring. Have fun!

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