About Dinosaur Ankylosaurus Picture:

Dinosaur Ankylosaurus was one of the most protected dinosaurs of its time. To protect itself, its back was covered in bony plates that were impenetrable, even its eyelids had bones in them. And if that wasn't enough, it had a giant club at the end of its tail which was used like a medieval mace and swung 45 degrees in either direction, it was made of soft-tissue, marrow, blood & fat. By swinging the club, it had enough force to break the leg bones of an immobilize most carnivores like Tyrannosaurus. Ankylosaurus ate plants, was found all over North America and could grow as long as 30 ft (9m) and its name means "fused lizard". All these Dinosaur Ankylosaurus pictures were collected from the internet. Enjoy!

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