About Dinosaur Megalosaurus Picture:

The first scientifically named dinosaur is Megalosaurus (Buckland, 1824) was a large Theropod dinosaur of the Megalosauroid family and was the first dinosaur skeleton ever discovered. It was discovered by William Buckland in the 1820s, 250px-Megalosaurus, World Museum Liverpool. Megalosaurus was a very large theropod for its day, reaching between 28 and 39 feet (8.5 to 12 meters) long, and weighing 1.5 to 2 tons, it one of the largest predator in its area of occurrence. It had somewhat short, but strong arms with sharp, hook-like claws on three fingers, perfectly designed for gripping onto prey and slashing at it. It also had long, powerful hind legs, good for chasing down prey. Its tail, like most other theropods, was built to help balance it while moving. It had a long, narrow skull with sharp, bladelike teeth for slicing through the flesh of other creatures.

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