About Dinosaur Sauropoda Picture:

Dinosaur Sauropoda meaning 'lizard-footed' in Greek, is a suborder or infraorder of the saurischian order of dinosaurs. They were the largest animals ever to have lived on land. The more famous members of this genus include the well-known Apatosaurus, which was well-known as Brontosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Diplodocus. Sauropods first emerged as a species during the late Triassic Period, somewhat resembling the earlier Prosauropoda. However, by the late Jurassic Period, the sauropods had vast numbers, particularly in the diplodocids and brachiosaurids species. This is evident by the fact that fossilized remains of the species have been found on every continent except Antarctica. However, as complete fossil records of sauropod species are rare, many species, especially the largest, are known only from isolated and disarticulated bones. Many near-complete specimens lack heads, tail tips, and limbs.
The Sauropods' most defining characteristic was their size. Even the smallest of the species, the dwarf sauropods, grew up to 5 to 6 meters in length and were counted as some of the largest dinosaurs in their ecosystem. As the largest animals to have ever walked on land. All these Dinosaur Sauropoda pictures were collected from the internet. Enjoy!

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