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Altered Beast

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Game Description:

Rise from your grave and rescue Zeus’ daughter from the clutches of darkness in this side scrolling action game – Altered Beast! Transform into a vicious wolf, a wild bear, or a menacing dinosaur and leave havoc wherever you go!
Altered Beast is a side-scrolling beat-’em-up game where the player takes control of a resurrected shape-shifter. In this game, you will take control of a centurion resurrected from the dead by Zeus. Zeus want your help to rescue his daughter and you must use your shape shifting ability to do it. Punch, kick, jump, and fight your way through waves of enemies as you complete levels after levels trying to find and rescue the girl. This is game also features light platform elements, power ups, abilities, and much more. Click inside the screen to activate controls. Start playing the game now! We hope you would love this game, enjoy free play new game on Thank you for play!

How to play:

Arrow Keys – Directional Buttons / Movement
Space – Select
Enter – Start
Press “Z” Key – Attack
Press “X” Key – Attack.

Tips and Tricks:

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