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Game Description:

Bear Den

Play Bear Den for free online at - website for all dinosaur games online. You can also play it in your browser or mobile as well. Bear Den is a very interesting game in which your task is to hunt the bears with the use of archery hunting and sword for your survival!

In the Bear Den 3D game where you journey yourself to an untouched beautiful island which is full of the wild bear or wild bears that is never discovered before. In this Bear Den game, your job is to hunt as much bear as you can to secure this island for humans. These wild bears are very aggressive, they can attack you right at the sight of you. You have fallen in the bear den and if you want to stay alive, then grab the weapons which are at your disposal and kill the bears one by one. You have enough arrows who will help you in your surviving, just aim precise and from a sufficient distance.

Bear Den game where you show your archery hunting skills to others and aims these bears or other wild bear from archery as much as you can in this Archery Bear Hunting 3D game. Bear Killing is not so easy and you are going to face real bear simulation in this game. You have to kill all bears to stop the bear attack and survive for you. Just shoot and kill until all deadly bear killed.

Bear Den game is a best hunting game real animal hunting game effects. The bears in this game are very well intelligent and highly detailed and wild bear archery hunting game allow you to hunt wild bears in this best animal hunting game. You can equip yourself with weapons and be the best bear hunter on the leaderboard. Make your archery a pro one for the wild bears and become a pro-bear hunter in this game.

If you want to show off your hunting skills with these fierce bears, then try to play this game once now! Our team is always looking for the best games ever to give you the chance to play with and in this Bear Den game, we can promise you that you are going to have a good time after work the school day. Although the game is a bit difficult we think, if you focus on sure you will play this game successfully. Besides, you are playing the wild bears one and that makes it a hundred times more interesting and we are sure you will enjoy yourself in this Bear Den game. In the future, we will introduce a variety of games like this, more games waiting for you. Please enjoy and have fun!

How to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move.

Click mouse left to use sword and bow,

Space to jump,

X to crouch,

Shift to run.

Tips and Tricks:


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