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Game Description:

Dino Hunt 2 Game

Play online Dino Hunt 2 game at - a website for all dinosaur games online. Dino Hunt 2 is an online 3D first person shooter game, made with Javascrip, WebGL and Pointer Lock API.

In the game, Start your journey as a dinosaur hunter. You are walking in an incredible and huge Jurassic rain-forest full of dangers, where your mission is to stay alive. In this exciting game only one winner, you or your enemies-ruthless bloodthirsty dinosaurs.

In this epic game, the dinosaurs are not extinct. These dinosaurs are as real. If you want to become an ultimate dinosaur hunter, catch your prey. Keep animals close, try to aim and shoot from afar, otherwise not be able to get the trophy. Proceed with the mouse to shoot, arrow keys navigate to find the target. But beware! Because it is a formidable opponent, much smarter and smarter than any wolf or bear.

Dino Hunt 2 has some features:

Dino Healt Bar is shown, when you focus on the dinosaur.
Support for High-DPI displays.
Support for mobile devices (virtual joystick and keys).

Dino Hunt 2 is a very interesting 3D shooting game, start your journey right now! Hunt dinosaurs, make money and unlock new levels. We hope you would love this game, enjoy free play new game on

How to play:

Use arrows keys or WASD to move,

Mouse to Aim/Shoot.

Tips and Tricks:

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