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Dino Robot Dino Corporation

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Game Description:

Dino Robot Dino Corporation

This is new great game Dino Robot Dino Corporation, you can play it and enjoy it for free at - website for all dinosaur games online! This is a robot dinosaur assembly game in which your task is to assemble powerful robot dinos.

In this wonderful sequel of the famous game, there are 10 different dino robots includes Tyrrano Red, Tricera Blue, Ptera Green, Stego Gold, Smilodon Black, Lightning Parasau, Knight Ankylo, And were not in the existing Deep Plesio and Tyrrano Heavy Shooter! Each one of them has its original pack and separated in many pieces. You must assemble them. All the most powerful and important Dino Robots released until now and even new ones, they are all assembled in a single Corporation pack.

Don’t build a single soldier from the scratch, but an entire troop of them and perhaps in the future an army of dinosaur robots that use technology and powers achieved from their combination.

If you like robots and dinos, then this game will make your hearts leap for joy. Dino Robot - Dino Corps is also an addictive puzzle game, in which you have to rebuild a mighty army of Dinobots, whereby all pieces will be scattered across the playing surface in a random order. Click and drag single body parts in order to put them together. Please enjoy and have fun!

How to play:

Use your mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

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