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Game Description:

Play game: Dino Rock

This is a new great game Dino Rock, you can play it and enjoy it at - website for all dinosaur games online. You can also play it for free in your browser and mobile as well. Dino Rock is an adventure game in which your task is to help the little dinosaur out of the prehistoric cave system, which entails many tricky puzzles.

In the game, control your little dinosaur travel around the caves to find the right path to the exit in each level. Move platforms, open doors and find dinosaur eggs at the touch of one finger. To help your dino out of the prehistoric cave system, which entails solving many tricky puzzles. Will you manage? Run and jump to overcome all the challenges along the way, do not forget to collect food along the way. Avoid the dinosaurs that eat meat, otherwise you will be killed by them.

Dino Rocks features seven different beautiful environments. Every aspect of Dino Rocks impresses in its style and beauty.The game has featuring 100+ levels, this is one seriously epic adventure. The fun doesn't stop when the story ends, you can create your very own levels. Your imagination is the limit, what wonders can you create?

Join this game is very interesting, get ready for a dynamic dino day with this game. You can play it on the weekend for entertainment, besides you can also you can also to find the dinosaur games online on our website. We update new game daily at this part. All the dinosaur games described from the details. Beside it, you can play dinosaur games with many games categories such as dinosaur robots, action, puzzle, racing,...It depends on the hobby and the free time that you can take the suitable game for you or your friends as well. Each game has a different nature.

Whether you have a toddler or a preschooler, playing with the dinosaur games that can inspire their imagination. Children can experience the game, while telling their own stories, well, let us now begin to rescue!
We hope you would love this game. Thanks for playing and enjoy!

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

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