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Game Description:

Dino Run 3 Game

This is Dino Run 3 game, you can play it for free at - website for all dinosaur games online. Dino Run 3 is the third version of the series. In this game, the doom asteroid has hit. Your dino must ate a bunch of small creatures to increase his speed and escape from the lava and fire.

The goal in here is to survival. So you have to run, jump, and claw. You need Bones to unlock speed runs (and buy goodies in the shop). You get bones by eating critters and reaching milestones. Use DNA to upgrade your dino, which is earned by collecting eggs and eating critters.

You can play this game in challenge or speed run mode. It defaults to challenge, which is a collection of 7 levels. Speed runs can be unlocked and chosen in the options screen.

Use AWSD or Arrow keys move the dino, or use a combo of both. Shift key gives you a speed boost, which recharges every 20 seconds. Press down while jumping for an air attack. Doomsurf and boulder ride for bonus points.

Dino Run 3 is a very interesting game, if you like it then try play it now. You can put it to your favorites. So it can be convenient for you to play later! Please enjoy it and have fun!

How to play:

Use the A, W, S, D keys or the arrow keys to move the dino.

The shift key gives you a speed boost which recharges every 20 seconds.

Press down while jumping for an air attack. Earn bonus points!

Tips and Tricks:

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