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Dinosaur Train Buddies Fly

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Game Description:

Along enter the world of dinosaurs colorful, with lots of large dinosaurs, small. There they also exist and survive and have different relationships. In this world of dinosaurs Buddy and Tiny are two friends, they are always together. Today, both Tiny and Buddy go play in the woods and unfortunately Buddy was injured. Tiny very worried about you and he decided to piggyback Buddy and fly back home for treatment. On the way to the many dangers of the mountains and obstacles..., but because of the friendship they have overcome all. Wish them luck! This game is a way to educate children about the relationship friend, or need help each other when in need. Enjoy game Dinosaur Train Buddies Fly with beautiful graphics, compelling content, educational for children and free play on

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.

Tips and Tricks:

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