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Dragon Slayer 3D

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Game Description:

Dragon Slayer 3D

Rocks, hills, castle walls,
Remove various enemies with hits, jumps, skills, etc.
Action RPG only, the feeling of operation and exhilarating!
You can experience the fun of growing up gradually through adventure.
In a fantasy world full of adventure and love
The way to be a true hero depends on you.Become a brave dragon hunter! This huge winged animal is threatening the lives of the citizens of a humble town. Stop him at the king's command! Collect useful objects along the way and get a hefty reward when you end your life. Fight other mythical monsters who’ve joined hands with your enemies and claim back what's yours. Unleash counter dragons for epic battles. Kill dragon slayers, knights, and all kind of creatures and farm animals! Good luck! Much fun! Start playing the game now! We hope you would love this game, enjoy free play new game on Thank you for play!

How to play:

ASDW to move

SPACE bar to jump
Mouse to attack.
E key - Enter/Exit

Tips and Tricks:

Tags: Dinosaur Shooting games, Dragon, Dragon Game, Dragon Games

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