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Jurassic Fight Club

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Game Description:

Jurassic Fight Club game

This is Jurassic Fight Club game, you can play it in your browser or mobile for free as well. Jurassic Fight Club is the game of dinosaurs line and allows you to control one of them as they battle other dinosaurs.
The battle for existence occurred between different species. The most aggressive were predators, they attacked herbivores, who were huge and could fight back.
Playing as one out of six dinosaurs, you use your skills to defeat the other five.
You can choose between six dinosaurs: Majungasaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Utahraptor, and Pachyrhinosaurs.
Enter the prehistoric battle and defend your turf. There's only one rule: survive.
You will fight with another player, of course with the help of your chosen dinosaur will achieve victory, destroying the rivals. The battle will be going on until your enemy is completely exterminated.
Use your keyboard to bite, stab, and tail-whip your way through this free Jurassic Fight Club game.
There is a lot of fun in this game waiting for you, show your friends that you can pass all levels, only your dinosaurs are the strongest and you are the best fighter will survive of the game. Have a fun playing online on your favorite Dinosaur Fighters: Jurassic Fight Club game.


After each match ends, you will see your score results such as
First Blood, Time Bonus, Vitality Bonus, Ferocity Bonus. You can send your score to your friends or submit your score on high scores.
The game has an active high score table, win as many points as you can and save your game score. Each rating gives you points for the general ranking in the site.
Cheat Codes:

As you progress through the challenges and perform well, you may unlock these cheat codes which can be entered in the game while playing to give your dinosaur additional advantages. Plus, additionally, cheat codes can be found online.

Sound & Graphics

Jurassic Fight Club have unique graphics, lively sound which make it a delight to watch and play. Plus, there isn’t too much in the way of controls it is fairly easy to get started with the game. You can literally see your competition flying on your screen, which gives you added motivation to keep getting better.

How to play:

Use arrow keys to move: arrow keys your dinosaur,
Press Z key to attack,
For combos see "controls" in the game.

Tips and Tricks:

- If the game Jurassic Fight Club is not working make sure that you have installed Adobe Flash Player.
- Bite your head enemy (a series of bites) more often to get more points.
- Bite and a bite again. But not to stand still, but constantly approach closely in such a way that the bite series will fully achieve the goal. He moves away - you come and bite. If you use this tactic, the fight will end quickly.




There are 6 characters in Jurassic Fight Club. Six ferocious beasts rated for offense, defense, and speed. Each character is a dinosaur that they have special attacks. There are 2 dinosaurs that you don't need to unlock, it's Majungasaurus dinosaur (male/female). The unlockable dinosaurs are not available dinosaurs, to use these dinosaurs, you need to unlock them including Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Utahraptor, and Pachyrhinosaurus.


Character Name Description
Majungatholus (male) This dinosaur is 9 feet tall, measured up to approximately 28 feet long, and weighed more than a ton. During the fight, It used its bony, bumpy head to butt its enemies head-to-head or head-to-flank, or wielded its heavy tail to attack enemies. Its weakness is its short arm, flimsy arms, short legs, and poor vision--with its powerful jaw and its mouthful of sharp, serrated teeth.
Majungatholus (female)  Same as the male but is slightly weaker but attack slightly faster.
Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) This dinosaur is very hard and agile relative to its size. It has strong moves. T-Rex use physical weaponry such as their teeth, talons, can use their head and their tail on their enemies to swing if near it. Besides, It can able to take many blows from another dinosaur that are able to still fight back because of their tough skin.
Stegosaurus This dinosaur is 16 feet tall, measuring up to 10 meters long, and weighing more than 3 tons. It hit fairly hard, has a great defense, but is a large target and has poor speed. Stegosaurus was not merely a passive victim of attacks but used its spiked tail, known as a thagomizer, to fight back.
Utahraptor Hit hard and hits fast, but overall has poor defense.
Pachyrhinosaurus Basically the same as the stegosaurus but has higher speed and lower defense.


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