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Parasauraptor Dino Robot

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Game Description:

Parasauraptor Dino Robot is a puzzle game that has on our site. The game has unique graphics, clear sounds that suitable for children of all ages.

Parasauraptor Dino Robot is a dino robot belonging to the "Blade of Ninja". It can use water property technique even in the plain. It can make water quickly and cause a tsunami or fires a water shuriken from a body-mounted cannon.

Entering the game, you need to assemble Parasauraptor to become a complete Parasauraptor robot. The game has two assembly modes, that's easy (Submarine Assembly) and Normal (Dino Robot Assembly).

- Submarine Assembly: In this mode, you will arrange the parts of the Car to create a complete Submarine. Then you can control it, use its attack skills and you can even turn it into the Parasauraptor robot. Submarine is best suited to attack the sea, and the dinosaurs can cope with all enemies on land.

- Dino Robot Assembly: In this mode, you will arrange parts of the Parasauraptor robot to create a perfect Parasauraptor robot. You will combine the parts such as head, body, leg, arm, weapon...After assembling, you can control it to battle other dino robots. You can use an attack power, smash, and defense to attack opponents.

We can say dinosaur robot games are the most exciting dinosaur games. This kind of game is very loved by the kids and parents. These games are considered puzzle games. They are great for children's brain development to help children with a flexible mind, sharp in life.

This game has a mobile version for Android. You can download it on Google Play. If you like this game, you can also play other games with the same gameplay such as Stegosaurus Dino Robot, Stegosaurus Dino Robot …

How to play:

Use mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

- If the game does not load, make sure you have enabled Adobe Flash
- You can turn the sound on/off on the game screen.
- Try to complete the game as fast as you can.

* Smilodon Dino Robot on

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